Why 5 best ranking Trojan Games to be on Olympic tournaments

trojan games olympics 2022

Which are the best Trojan games from 2021 and in 2022? Trojan games Olympics was attempted in Tokyo 2020. What are trojan entertainment games? Trojan games are exclusive competitions with mature nature and are available to only mature people.

Trojan Games commenced in 2003 pursuing a directive to inaugurate Trojan condoms in the United Kingdom, a funny fake official website for the so-called Trojan Games was established.

The games were an international sporting event comparable to the Olympics and taking place in Bucharest.

trojan games olympics 2020
Tokyo Olympic Trojan games 1

The sports were based on mature people’s performance. As of November 2006, several “Trojan Games” videos had been watched 300 million times.

Trojan Vibrations inc. gave away over 7,000 free vibrators in New York City and Washington, DC, in 2012.

Trojan Games online streaming and videos

By August 2018 a fresh ad campaign named “big s£xy world” improved their deals and debates arose on the administration control with their newer mascot Trojan Man.

Many people watched the ad on YouTube and Spotify and strongly despised the ads because they were “too inappropriate”.

However, on September 24, 2020, a podcast hosted by Cody Ko called The Pleasure Is Ours – sponsored by Trojan and created by iHeartRadio – was declared openly via a trailer distributed across all major podcasting platforms. 

The initial episode premiered a week later, on October 1, 2020, starring YouTuber Drew Gooden.

trojan games Olympics
Trojan Games 1

In each episode, Ko “brings on a special guest to act as the older brothers (or sister) you never had, picking sections of the silliest notions that a young man or woman might be imperilled.

The exposure can be of age, with topics ranging from work to s€x, to entertainment, to social media,” and features ads sole to Trojan Brand products.

The shows are still running global, especial in free states and countries. There has been a debate about including the Trojan matches in normal Olympic Games global but with a restrictive audience.

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