[VIDEO] Popular gospel singer Mary Lincoln nudes leaked online after entertaining businessman for 35K rent

Mary Lincoln nudes leaked online video

Following her appearance in a leaked sex video, while completely nude, gospel singer Mary Lincoln has raised eyebrows. Mary Lincoln nudes were leaked last week, but she kept quiet until she appeared before her pastor for prayers.

The trouble started last week on Wednesday, when blogger Martha Mwihaki Hinga, whose real name is unknown, said she had the very hot nudes of a famous Kikuyu vernacular singer.

Hinga has been an absolute nightmare for the entertainment business in Nairobi and the Central region because it has brought to light scandals involving local celebrities.

Without mentioning Mary Lincoln by name, Hinga provided a detailed description of her in the piece. The blogger says that the singer was taking off her underwear for a rich man who was supposed to pay her Ksh35,000 monthly rent for a house on Kiambu Road.

Mary Lincoln video leaked online

“Nothing stinks like the hypocrisy in the pictures I obtained of one of your favourite female musicians, who lives at Nyawira Apartment along Kiambu Road, entertaining an unidentified male, who is not the husband, with a video call while naked like an animal in the bathroom. She is doing this for money (35,000 rent), better explained as “hoeing!” I am doing this with zero regrets; I have never regretted anything I have ever done,” the blogger said.

Moments after writer Martha Hinga posted on Facebook that she had some very disturbing photos of the singer, Mary Lincoln nudes and videos flooded social media.

Mary Lincoln nudes leaked online

The released video showed Mary Lincoln nudes dressed in a white towel before she removed it and showed off her curvy figure to the camera while amusing a man she was video chatting with.

Just a few days after her nude photos leaked, Mary Lincoln went to church to ask for God’s forgiveness and to confess her sins.

Mary Lincoln repentance

Mary Lincoln nudes online after going to church
Mary Lincoln nudes in Church

“Yes, we visited the Christian Foundation Fellowship (CFF) Church to pray for forgiveness and repentance. Our gracious God gives people who turn to him a second opportunity to serve him,” she remarked.

She continued by referring to the viral video as being “neither here nor there.”
Njogu Wa Njoroge, a former Kameme FM broadcaster, is Mary Lincoln’s second husband. Watch the Video here

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