2022 SAG awards: How the SAG awards went down with memorable moments for CODA

2022 SAG awards

From groundbreaking walks along in the representation to one champion being precisely in the restroom when their name was mentioned, the 2022 SAG awards show is better for the books.

It was a twilight of a lot of initials at the 2022 Screen Actors Guild Awards as the industry proceeds to make huge steps ahead in representation.

Simultaneously, Michael Keaton, in ratifying his win for Male Actor in a TV Movie or Limited Series for “Dopesick” admitted that many have come to see actors respecting themselves as both “indulgent” and “self-serving.”

Michael conveyed the significance of art as a path to effect change. Devoting his win to both his sister and nephew, who he lost to addiction.

“I am blessed to be able to do something that might improve someone’s life,” he shared. “I’m the most fortunate person.”

2022 SAG awards CODA star

The initial award of the night was crowned to “CODA” star, and deaf actor, Troy Kotsur in the 2022 SAG awards.

With this, Kotsur became the first-ever deaf actor to earn in an individual acting category.

“It just shows that dreams can come true,” he said. “You never know when just to throw that out there. But [this shows the importance of] trusting your gut.”

The film would go on to break new ground for the 2022 SAG Awards as the night completed in a massive win for its ensemble cast.

It came to be the first film with a mainly deaf cast to win that award.

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