Superstar Larsa Pippen rejects butt boost, insists on easy workouts


RHOM’s Superstar Larsa Pippen said no during the “Real Housewives of Miami” reunion Thursday that she went for a Brazilian butt boost, though she did acknowledge different plastic surgeries.

“I’ve had my nose done. I’ve had my lips done. And that’s essentially it,” she alleged. The superstar added that she also had her breasts done before the Season 3 of the reality TV series.

When it came to her bootylicious, Pippen openly said “no” when interrogated whether she had gotten it done and instead credited decent old-fashioned exercise and weight gain.

Superstar Larsa Pippen  surgery
Superstar Larsan Pippen

Superstar Larsa Pippen butt improvement

“I work out seven days a week. If I show you my photos from five years ago, I was less than 100 pounds. I’m 140 pounds now, so yeah, my legs look thicker than they were, my arms look thicker than they were.

“My whole body has changed. … My body’s tight because I work out,” she explained to the host Andy Cohen.

Superstar Larsa Pippen, 47, admitted that she has zero suspicions going under the knife to improve her impression, adding to her co-stars that she will do whatever makes her “feel good.”

Superstar Larsa Pippen talking about butt increment
RHOM superstar Larsa Pippen

“I feel like I’m very evolved. I’m into trends, and I feel like whatever makes me feel good and look good, I’m willing to do. I’m that person,” she explained on the Peacock show.

“I’m very happy with the way I look. I feel like owning the world,” the RHOM Superstar Larsa Pippen added.

Pippen’s castmate Lisa Hochstein, who previously had a $120,000 dental shaping, also has encountered objection for the number of plastic surgery and procedures she’s undergone.

“I’m very aware I had too much stuffing in my face,” Hochstein, 39, reacted to a fan on Twitter in December.

“I’ve wiped out a lot of it since we wrapped. I was addicted … thankfully it can be reversed. So there,” she added.

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