Grace Mapunda health: What is the new disease making Grace Mapunda lose weight – Tesa Wa Huba 2023

Grace Mapunda health condition and weight loss

Grace Mapunda health condition scare fans. After undergoing intensive treatment for a chronic illness, Bongo star Grace Mapunda, famously known as Mama Kawele or Tesa in Huba, reveals what is eating her.
After a sharp drop in weight during a few recent episodes in several films and telenovelas, fans are worried for the Tanzanian acting giant.

Grace Mapunda Health condition

Grace Mapunda has been undergoing a series of tests and is really trying to avert the stress by making new episodes daily.
Grace Mapunda’s health condition keeps deteriorating after being diagnosed with diabetes. Diabetes has reached an advanced stage.

Fans hail the Bongo actress with messages of love and prayers. Grace Mapunda has been the queen of bongo movies on East African TV screens for a long time.

Grace Mapunda weight loss

Since July 2023, Grace has been in and out of the hospital, and she is doing well thanks to the prayers from the fans and her crew.

She has lost much weight in the last few months and has completely changed her shape and looks for those who knew her before from the previous movies and episodes.

Fans are still hoping to see Grace Mapunda on the screen for longer, as they expect more from her in the upcoming episodes.

Grace Mapunda acting news on health Grace Mapunda
Grace Mapunda acting news on health

Acting scenes

Two jobs, but one star shines! Grace Mapunda is very talented, and it can be seen from the way she was able to act in these completely different episodes and different roles in Maisha Magic Bongo.

On #HubaTZ, Grace plays Tesa, who is fierce and very rich. Tesa is Devi’s mother, and Tesa is also the person who killed Devi’s father, wanting to inherit his wealth.

After becoming a widow, Tesa started with the habit of walking with little boys as a’sugar mama’.

On the other side of #NyavuTZ, Grace was acting as Shani. Shani is a domestic worker at Lena and Heri’s house. Shani is humble and poor compared to Tesa.
Shani has no children, but Stoni is worried that Shani is his biological mother, and they took away his son as he was born. Shani had found herself in trouble with Siti.


Some of her works include Tajiri Mfupi, House of Death, Hard Price, Nirindiwe, Kichupa, Majuto, Mwaka wa Hasara, Chloroquine Love, Chungu ya Nafsi, Poor Minds, Jibu la Ndoto, Back to Life, Nifute Machozi, Five Girls, Msimamo Wangu, Family War, Planet of Love, Oxygen, Binti Yangu, House Maid, Damu ya Mjomba, My Life, Because of You, The Killers, The Image, More Than Pain, Hot Friday, Love is War, Thamani Yangu, Yellow Banana, and several telenovelas, including Huba and Nyavu, among others.

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