Galaksion review: 100% Best Galaksion ads for small publishers! Why monetize with Galaksion Ads?

Galaksion review for publishers

Direct traffic from verified publishers is what makes Galaksion an advertising network unique. More than 30 billion impressions are continuously provided to marketers every month by the organisation.

With the improved self-service platform, campaigns may be launched with little to no work, and there’s no need to fret about the quantity or quality of the available traffic.

The user interface is simple and easy to understand. With the new features, even an associate who has never dealt with advertising accounts before will be able to do it with ease.

There are a number of helpful tools available on the site, including a traffic estimator.

Strategically, the organisation operates under the name Galaksion. Galaksio is the Esperanto word for Galaxy, and Galaksion’s final letter “n” denotes the network.

This is essentially to say that the network is global in scope. Working closely with administrators and advertisers from Europe, the United States, the United Kingdom, South America, Russia, Canada, and India, among other regions, is a specialty of the company’s personnel, who possess extensive training and experience in these fields.

Galaksion offers an extensive range of traffic monetization methods to publishers, including CPA, CPL, eCPM, CPM, CPC, CPD, CPI, and CPS, among others.

Galaksion ad formats.

The organisation’s forte is the placement of media advertisements on websites. Video advertisements, pop-ups and pop-unders, interstitial advertisements, screensavers, slide banners, and splash displays are all excellent examples of Galaksion media advertisements.

Additionally, publishers can use banners in various sizes that are static, animated, horizontal, and vertical. Notable dimensions consist of, among others, 300×250, 600×200, 728×90, 240×400, 468×60, and 160×600.

Advantages of having Galaksion as a publishing partner

Publishers stand to gain significantly from collaborating with Galaksion due to the network’s constant innovation. Their tenet is the enhancement of efficacy via innovation.

The organisation’s primary objective is to identify the most advantageous proposals for publishers by employing effective placement strategies and conducting exhaustive strategic evaluations.

In addition, they offer the most targeted advertising models possible by employing a variety of techniques, such as cookie analysis, geographic location targeting, and more.
Galaksion offers:

Extensive analysis of controls and statistics.

The organisation’s system enables publishers to efficiently modify banner configurations. You, as a publisher, have the ability to modify the frequency of impressions for banners, as well as remove or add banners, directly from your dashboard.

1. The most sophisticated methods of targeting.

Constantly optimising its targeting configurations, the organisation assists publishers in reaching the most pertinent audience for optimal outcomes.

2. Optimal optimisation across numerous advertising platforms.

The organisation depends on precise parameters in order to effectively target the most suitable audience with its advertisements.

One notable advantage of this network is that publisher membership does not entail any particular obligations.

3. Every publisher is considered.

There are no specific traffic requirements that an applicant must fulfil in order to become a member. However, we inspect your website to ensure it does not contain any prohibited content, such as pornography, hacking activities, spamming, or anything else that is inherently objectionable. Furthermore, it is imperative that your website has not encountered any copyright infringement issues in the past.

Galaksion publishers, like other ad networks, must not engage in unscrupulous practices. These practices include encouraging others to click on their ads, utilising bots or other software to manipulate clicks, and employing PTC and traffic exchange sites to generate fraudulent traffic.

Publications receive a consistent and dependable revenue source in exchange for delivering authentic, high-quality traffic and conversions to the network.

Furthermore, each publisher receives the industry’s most transparent and professional monitoring and accounting system, round-the-clock support, and effective ad material management systems.

Why use Galaksion?

We appreciate the extensive range of traffic monetization options, the global reach, the excellent customer support, and the high payout rates.

One drawback is the substantial minimum payment requirement of €100.

Galaksion’s membership prerequisites for publishers are as follows:

  • Terms governing the publisher:
  • Zero-traffic minimum
  • The publisher requires mostly English, but accepts all languages due to the global nature of the network.
  • Websites that contain adult (pornographic), profane, defamatory, abusive, libellous, or unlawful material are strictly prohibited from hosting network advertisements.
  • Furthermore, websites are strictly prohibited from endorsing the sale of illicit substances and firearms, promoting hatred or discrimination, or encouraging engagement in illegal activities.
  • The company’s terms and conditions for publishers are available for review at the following link:

Galaksion owner, Galaksion email address, and social contacts.

  • Programme for publishers: Established in 2014
  • The employee count as of November 2023 ranged from 100 to 500.
  • Private Profile Ownership: LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Google+

Galaksion Assistance and Contact Details

  • Telephone: (00441463216126)
  • Address: 272 Bath Street, Glasgow, Scotland, UK G2 4JR
  • Email for Support:

Advertising Structures

Galaksion serves advertisements for a huge variety of advertisers worldwide.
Their primary emphasis lies in the subsequent formats:

Alternatives for CPA CPM, and CPC

The organisation offers an extensive range of media advertising alternatives, which comprise the following:

  • Screen saver or splash screen. A preliminary page containing an advertisement loads before the start page to accomplish this. After an exceedingly brief duration, the screensaver transitions to the initial page.
  • Display a pop-up. This advertisement appears in a distinct window that is adjacent to the one that is presently active.
  • Branding efforts. Pages featured in branding advertising undergo modifications in accordance with the advertiser’s corporate style. This is a highly effective strategy for increasing brand recognition and awareness.
    The supernatural. Their superior image quality distinguishes them from interstitial advertising formats. Furthermore, the advertisement fully installs before presenting.
  • Display a slide banner. An advertisement that appears in the lower-right corner of the user’s window. To dismiss it, a simple click on the “X” icon suffices.
  • Video advertisements. This is essentially a brief video preview of the advertisement preceding the playback of the complete movie or music video.
  • Interstitial in nature. Interstitials display these advertisements during the brief period between a user’s information request and the loading of the information. Users are typically unaware of interstitials until they minimise or dismiss the windows they are currently observing.
  • Insert a pop-under. A pop-under advertisement appears beneath the currently-viewed window.
  • Daughter window advertisements. These advertisements closely relate to the banner you are currently observing and appear in a separate window. In reality, the advertisement is an extension or daughter of the primary banner’s content.
  • Sponsored advertisements. These are merely hyperlinks concealed by titles and icons.
  • In addition to animated banners and static banners in various sizes, Galaksion also offers horizontal and vertical banners. Additionally, they are highly receptive to your recommendations regarding alternative ad formats that you believe would complement your website or the nature of the traffic you generate for it.

The earnings of the Galaksion advertising network and dashboard

  • Galaksion’s high percentage of earnings that publishers can earn from referrals is an outstanding feature. Galaksion provides 7% of referral earnings, whereas the majority of networks offer 5%.
  • The Publisher Admin Control Panel and Reporting provides a comprehensive platform for publishers to manage their campaigns and access detailed reports.
  • Four out of five stars for the Publisher Reporting and Admin Control Panel
  • The control interface of Galaksion is intuitive and simple to operate. Even novices are able to easily navigate the publisher dashboards.

Galaksion ads account manager

Your account manager is consistently available to provide assistance in resolving any perplexing matter, including configuring banner dimensions and other essential elements. The administrative panel contains virtually all the necessary components to initiate operations with Galaksion.

Galaksion’s reporting system is highly accurate and promptly updated. The organisation places significant importance on delivering straightforward, comprehensive, and transparent reports via its dependable systems, which store every detail of your impressions, interactions, conversions, and more.

Galaksion Ads Availability Tracking

To monitor offers, Galaksion employs the Post Affiliate Pro, Zotto, and Offers technologies.

Galaksion payment methods and payment threshold.

Payment rating for Galaksion: 3 out of 5

Customers can make payments using electronic wallets, bank transfers, PayPal, Visa, and MasterCard.

Conditions of Payment: €100 is the weekly or monthly minimum payout threshold.

A significant drawback of Galaksion’s payment system is its rather high minimum compensation threshold of €100, in contrast to the $20 or $50 minimum thresholds observed on numerous other networks.

However, this should not pose any difficulty for a publisher of high calibre.

Galaksion Ad Account Help

Galaksion offers round-the-clock assistance to publishers through email and telephone. Personal account administrators are available to address any inquiries or concerns that may arise for publishers.

The support system is consistently operational and provides prompt responses to inquiries from publishers. One potential drawback is the absence of an extensive knowledge base where publishers could promptly locate responses to frequently posed inquiries.

Galaksion Publisher Review.

Galaksion, a newcomer to the advertising industry since its inception in 2014, has achieved significant progress in facilitating connections between advertisers and publishers worldwide.

It is a multinational corporation. It is simple to determine the network’s level of popularity based on its statistics. Galaksion, for example, receives more than 18 billion monthly page views, 260,000 monthly conversions on average, and over 14,000 active advertising campaigns each month.

Publishers are granted numerous advantages by the organisation, such as access to a vast network of advertisers who provide the most enticing payouts and offers in the industry, a variety of offers that are contingent upon one’s traffic volume, highly lucrative methods of monetizing that traffic, and prompt payment that is arranged in accordance with your weekly or monthly schedules.

Additionally, advertisers gain in numerous ways from collaborating with Galaksion. As an illustration, the organisation provides a distinctive self-design platform that grants advertisers access to superior-quality traffic, an extensive network of publishers worldwide, exclusive websites for their one-of-a-kind advertisements, amiable and knowledgeable managers, and more than thirty distinct categories of highly targeted traffic sources.

Although the organisation is headquartered in Scotland, it is not restricted by geographical boundaries. They will assist you in monetizing your website traffic, irrespective of your location.

Galaksion best traffic to monetize for publishers.

They have a significant global presence. The administrators of Galaksion are consistently available to assist you in twelve different international languages. Although they have a global presence, their primary markets are the United States, Canada, the Commonwealth of Independent States, Russia, Europe, the United Kingdom, India, and Latin America.

The primary objective of the organisation is to facilitate seamless communication with consumers across the globe and ensure the prosperity of your enterprise.

Galaksion offers an extensive range of traffic monetization methods to publishers, including CPA, CPL, eCPM, CPM, CPC, CPD, CPI, and CPS, among others. The organisation’s forte is the placement of media advertisements on websites.

Videos and pop-ups and pop-unders, interstitial ads, screensavers, slide banners, splash displays, and scrolling text are all excellent examples of Galaksion media advertisements.

Additionally, publishers can use banners in various sizes that are static, animated, horizontal, and vertical. Notable dimensions consist of, among others, 300×250, 600×200, 728×90, 240×400, 468×60, and 160×600.

Their most recent creation is a banner that adjusts to any desired dimension automatically. This advancement liberates publishers from the constraints imposed by standard templates that feature restricted banner dimensions.

Working with Galaksion offers several significant benefits. These include consistent revenue generation from the traffic you typically direct to your website, round-the-clock support to assist you in resolving any issues that may arise, a highly transparent and precise accounting system, and one of the most exceptional ad material management systems in the advertising industry. Additionally, you have direct access to a vast reservoir of offers and advertisers.

The network’s rates are the most competitive in the sector.

  • There is no minimum traffic threshold for membership, and they offer publishers a variety of ad formats.
  • You have authority over the advertisements that appear on your website as a publisher.
  • They utilise a precise real-time reporting system.
  • Prompt payment
  • Uninterrupted and devoted support personnel

Galaksion web Cons:

  • A substantial payout minimum of €100. It could be lengthy for small publishers to receive their initial payment.
  • The absence of the payment option utilised by the majority of publishers worldwide, PayPal.


What are the requirements of the Galaksion publisher?

Galaksion does not impose any minimum traffic requirements on publishers who wish to register.

Which ad formats does Galaksion support?

Galaksion provides publishers with access to an assortment of ad formats, such as instream all-roll, display banner, pop-ups, pop-unders, tab-unders, direct links, offer-wall, sliders, and interstitial.

What is the minimum payment threshold for Galaksion?

Galaksion imposes a payment threshold of €100 on its publishers.

What payment methods does Galaksion accept?

Galaksion accepts the following forms of payment: bank transfers, eWallets, PayPal, Visa, and MasterCard.

What are the top benefits of Galaksion Ads to publishers?

Galaksion is an excellent network for website monetization, and it is ideal for publishers who:
a)Despite being a small website, it garners significant traffic.
b)Google Adsense declined a highly trafficked website.
c)An advertising-heavy website that is attempting to increase revenue by merging Galaksion with another ad network

To conclude,

Galaksion is an emerging network that diligently strives each day to ensure that advertisers receive value for their advertising expenditures and publishers generate revenue through their promotional endeavours.

Despite being global in scope, the network functions admirably in the Latin American, British, Canadian, CIS, Russian, European, and American markets. Joining the platform as a publisher is a straightforward process, and the support system is exceptionally active.

Users must accept the absence of a PayPal payment option and the substantial minimum repayment requirement of €100 as the sole drawbacks. Aside from that, this is an excellent network for monetizing website traffic.

You can also monetize your site by signing below:

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