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Dhohar cast on Maisha Magic bongo

Dhohar cast: Zahra, the protagonist of “Dhohar,” is a unique character born of human and bird blood, granting her extraordinary singing abilities. However, cultural barriers and societal norms challenge her passion for music. 

Zahra’s mother fears that magical creatures may discover her daughter’s powers, while Zanzibar’s cultural norms forbid girls from pursuing musical careers. 

In college, joining a music club seems impossible as opponents within her family and the prying eyes of society hold her back. As Zahra discovers her magical powers inherited from her bird nature, she faces two conflicts. 

Firstly, she must learn to control her abilities, ensuring she doesn’t attract unwanted attention from magical creatures. Secondly, her love for music drives her to break away from social values and express herself through her songs.

As she progresses through the series, Zahra navigates the challenges of managing her powers while hiding them from those who may use them for their benefit.

She also faces opponents from the magical world who perceive her as a threat. Meanwhile, she becomes an inspiration for other girls who harbour unconventional dreams.

“Dhohar” is a story of self-awareness, courage, and pursuing one’s dreams, even in the face of challenges. Zahra’s journey is a fascinating exploration of the balance between realizing oneself and dealing with cultural and familial expectations. Zahra’s experiments aim to show that music knows no boundaries and that her unique heritage is a gift, not a curse. 

Catch #MMBDhohar every Saturday and Sunday at 9 pm on DStv channel 160.

Why you should watch Dhohar Series episodes on Maisha Magic Bongo

There are several reasons why you should watch “Dhohar” telenovela on Maisha Magic Bongo. Firstly, the show features a unique and captivating storyline that explores the challenges faced by a young girl in pursuing her passion for music.

The central character, Zahra, is a fascinating character with a unique background that sets her apart from others.

Moreover, “Dhohar” is a visual delight, with stunning cinematography and excellent production values that make for an immersive viewing experience. The show’s creators have put in a lot of effort to ensure that every aspect of the show, including the music, costumes, and settings, is authentic and visually appealing.

Another reason to watch “Dhohar” is the talented cast, who deliver standout performances that bring the characters to life. The show features some of the best-known actors and actresses in Tanzania, who bring their A-game to every scene, making for an impressive ensemble cast.

Overall, “Dhohar” is a must-watch telenovela that offers a unique and engaging storyline, stunning visuals, and outstanding performances from the cast. So, tune in to Maisha Magic Bongo every Saturday and Sunday at 9 p.m., and don’t miss out on this exciting show.

Dhohar cast on Maisha Magic bongo
Dhohar Cast on Maisha Magic now

Tanzania’s Dhohar Maisha Magic Bongo cast

  • Florence Mkinga – Director
  • Said Kitonga
  • Azzim Jaggar
  • Hauwa Suleiman Audubida
  • Sharifa Makope 
  • Venosa Kimati
  • Issa Tabu
  • Shunnah Waziri
  • Zai wakijiwenongwa
  • Monica Ntevi
  • Mishy Mziray
  • Khizzer

Main Dhohar cast ~ Tanzania Maisha Magic bongo Dhohar actors

The cast of “Dhohar” on Maisha Magic Bongo features some of the most talented actors and actresses in Tanzania. Here is a list of the main cast members:

1. Faraja Fundikira as Zahra – the central character of the show, born of human and bird blood, with a unique singing talent.

2. Yusuph Mlela as Said – Zahra’s love interest, who supports her passion for music.

3. Sultan King as Mussa – Zahra’s uncle, who opposes her musical pursuits and wants her to follow traditional cultural norms.

4. Irene Paul as Mama Zahra – Zahra’s mother, who fears that her daughter’s magical powers will attract unwanted attention.

5. Katarina Mawar as Amina – Zahra’s friend, who also dreams of pursuing a music career.

6. Mzee Chillo as Juma – Zahra’s grandfather, who encourages her to follow her dreams.

The supporting cast includes many other talented actors and actresses who bring their characters to life and add depth to the show’s storyline. Together, the cast of “Dhohar” delivers outstanding performances that make the show a must-watch for fans of Tanzanian drama.

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