Chanda Maisha Magic Cast, Actors Background On Chanda Family on DSTV Maisha Magic Bongo, 160

Chanda Maisha Bongo now

Chanda on Maisha Magic Bongo’s cast and storyline are detailed. The Chanda series is loaded with strong actors like Mwijaku, Feza Kessy, Hidaya Njaidi, and many others.

This journey had you cross with socks and shoes remaining on the feet of drama fans when Chanda’s new drama started airing on the Maisha Magic Bongo Channel on Monday, October 2, 2023, at 7:30 p.m.

It will be difficult to tear clothes in the new drama loaded with famous and influential actors such as Mwijaku, Feza Kessy, Hidaya Njaidi, and many others when they will show their acting skills, especially considering the story carried by the drama which is full of adventures, cases, accidents, drama and red carpets from the famous actors.

Premiered on Monday, October 2nd 2023 at 7:30 PM on DStv on Channel 160, this drama series is set to captivate viewers with its series of thrilling events, compelling characters, and a story that resonates with its viewers. With episodes airing from Monday to Wednesday, Chanda will be an early night dose for drama lovers.

Chanda Maisha Magic cast

The first season of Chanda describes the difficult life of Yaz Diwani, (Christopher Moris) and Azra Shakombo (Fezza Kessy). Born into a rich and corrupt family, Yaz, the sole heir to the Diwani empire, finds himself in a whirlwind of romance with Azra, the daughter of a cook and a loyal friend of his father, Hamza Shakombo (Jafary Makatu). Their union, celebrated with a grand Kiswahili yacht wedding, seems like a dream. However, under the carpet, a secret is lurking

As the pressure increases, especially from Dida Diwani (Hidaya Njaidi), Yaz’s mother, who longs for a grandchild, the couple faces trials that test their relationship. With Yaz keeping a deep secret and Azra’s unwavering loyalty to protect him, this romance unfolds in unexpected and exciting ways.

Barbara Kambogi, Head of Maisha Magic Bongo Channel, says, “We are very happy to present Chanda to our viewers. This is not just an ordinary drama, it is an example of the talent we have. Our actors are the best. We believe Chanda will make a mark in this industry. for being the best entertainment ever.”

Chanda Series. Barbara Kambogi head of Maisha Magic Bongo channel
Maisha Magic head 1

Chanda Maisha Magic Bongo series

Manga Diwani

Manga is in his mid-50s, he is Dida’s husband, Yaz’s father and also Hamza and Azra’s son-in-law. He is his boss and Hamza and also his friends from childhood. Mzee Manga is an architect and skimmer in his business.

Dida Diwani – Top Chanda Maisha Magic actress

Chanda maisha magic actress
Dida on Chanda 1

Dida is in her mid-40s and is Manga’s wife, Yaz’s mother and Hamza and Azra’s son-in-law. Dida is a housewife and she likes to be busy with various activities, she is a mother with a title and for her, that issue is very important.

Yaz Diwani

Chanda Maisha magic actor Christopher Morris
Chanda Maisha magic actor 1

Yaz is a 25-year-old young man, he is the only child of Mangana Dida, Hamza’s son-in-law and Azra’s husband although they divorced. He is an educated and determined young man.

Hamza Shakombo

Hamza Shakombo on Chanda maisha magic bongo

Hamza, in his mid-50s, is Azra’s father and son-in-law to Manga, Dida and Yaz, and after Azra remarried, he became Shem’s father-in-law as well. He works at the Manga company and is his chief advisor.

Azra Shakombo

Maisha Magic Bongo actress Azra on Chanda

Azra is 25 years old, she is the daughter of Hamza and the son-in-law of Manga and Dida. Although he and Yaz have divorced, they are still close. Azra is a good woman who protects her family and is also an honest person.

Shem Baharia

Shem is in his mid-30s, he is Mishi’s first husband and after breaking up with Mishi, he married Azra and became Hamza’s son-in-law. He is a sailor and loves to travel a lot.


Maisha Magic bongo actress Mishi
Mishi 1

Mishi is 30 years old and is Shem’s first wife. She is a person who likes to go out a lot and Shem decided to protect his pleasure in the community but when she was married she went out with other men and that is why Shem decided to leave her. Mishi hates that Shem decided to marry Azra.


Rukia is 25 years old and an orphan. She is his best friend with Azra and is Babaz’s wife. She works as a craftsman and also loves to tell stories.


Babaz is in his mid-30s and is a seafarer. He is Ruki’s husband and also has a business with Shem.

Why you should watch the Chanda Maisha Magic story

Bongo actress on Chanda Maisha Magic Bongo
Chanda Maisha Magic Bongo

Conflicts and Family Challenges

Go deep into the life of the Diwani and Shakombo family. Witness the power struggle, the bonds of friendship, and the weight of inheritance as two families intertwine on a journey of love, secrets, and loyalty.

A Secret Love Story

The essence of Chanda is the love between Yaz and Azra. From the lavish Swahili wedding to the challenges they face, their journey is filled with passion, secrets, and unwavering loyalty.

Strong female characters

Experience the strength and tenacity of characters like Dida Diwani, who assumes her role with tenacity, ambition, and a subtle touch, and Azra, who shows steadfastness and loyalty in the face of adversity.

Mysteries and revelations

With hidden truths, past relationships, and family secrets, Chanda promises unexpected twists and turns at every turn.

Cultural immersion

The show offers a unique blend of tradition, modernity, and the complexity of societal expectations.

The Chanda star cast ~ Chanda maisha magic cast

This drama has featured some famous Tanzanian actors such as Feza Kessy, Mwijaku, Christopher Mziwanda, Hidaya Njaidi and Mayasa Mrisho, Chanda has placed his actors as the best artists in the country, ensuring powerful tragedies that attract the audience.

Ronald Shelukindo, Head of Marketing for MultiChoice Tanzania, says, “We believe Chanda will create conversations and debates that will resonate with viewers. This show demonstrates our commitment to providing quality entertainment. If you haven’t already, we encourage you to join DStv and be a part of the journey at this exciting pace.”

Chanda Maisha Magic full episodes now

When the curtain opens on Monday, October 2 at 7:30 p.m., get ready to be entertained by Chanda on Maisha Magic Bongo, DStv Channel 160 every Monday to Wednesday.

Join Chanda family on Maisha Magic Bongo from Monday 2 October at 7:30 pm to meet all these people inside #MMBChanda.

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