Suss Ads Review: Suss Ads CPC-CPM, minimum traffic, payment methods, best 7 ads formats

Suss Ads network in Kenya

Connect with your audience like never before with Suss Ads, the world’s leading customer engagement platforms. Suss Ads is dedicated to providing businesses with the necessary tools, technology, and resources to track their marketing efforts effectively.

By understanding the best strategies to attract your target market and engage with current and potential clients, Suss Ads helps convert those interactions into valuable sales.

One of the key advantages of Suss Ads is its premium inventory, which ensures that your brand is showcased on high-quality platforms.

This not only enhances your brand’s visibility but also helps establish brand safety, ensuring that your ads are displayed in appropriate and trustworthy environments.

Additionally, Suss Ads offers a self-serve platform, allowing businesses to have greater control and flexibility over their ad campaigns. Suss Ads understands the importance of staying ahead of the curve in the ever-evolving world of digital advertising.

That’s why they offer extensive industry knowledge, keeping businesses informed about the latest trends and best practices. With Suss Ads, you can rest assured that your campaigns are backed by expertise and experience.

Suss Digital advertising network

Suss Ads is a popular online advertising platform that offers businesses a wide range of advertising solutions to help them reach their target audience and drive more traffic to their websites.

Suss Ads specializes in digital marketing strategies such as search engine marketing, display advertising, social media advertising, and video advertising. With Suss, businesses can create highly targeted ad campaigns and reach potential customers across various online platforms.

The platform provides advanced targeting options, allowing businesses to narrow down their audience based on demographics, interests, behaviors, and more. This helps businesses maximize their ad spend and ensure that their ads are seen by the right people.

Suss network also offers detailed analytics and reporting tools, allowing businesses to track the performance of their ad campaigns in real-time. These insights help businesses optimize their ads and make data-driven decisions to improve their ROI.

Suss Ads network in Kenya
Suss Digital

Suss Ads formats

When it comes to ad formats, Suss Ads offers a wide range of options to suit your specific needs.

  • Push notifications are a powerful way to deliver your brand’s message or offer directly to a user’s device, even when they are not actively browsing. With user activity targeting, you can find prospects and send up to 1 million messages in less than a minute, opening up limitless possibilities for reaching your audience.
  • Display ads, such as skyscraper, rectangle, and leader board formats, are versatile and provide high engagement. These traditional banner ads are effective in grabbing users’ attention and driving them to take action. Interstitial ads, on the other hand, offer a larger creative space and direct contact with users on both desktop and mobile devices. This format boasts an impressive click-through rate (CTR) and is perfect for capturing immediate attention.
  • If you’re looking for massive reach at a low cost, pop-up ads are an excellent choice. Suss Ads provides access to exclusive inventory of publishers, ensuring guaranteed visits and fast conversions.
  • Native ads seamlessly blend into the media format where they appear, matching the look, feel, and function of the content. This approach allows you to connect with your audience in a more organic and non-disruptive way.
  • Video ads are undoubtedly one of the most efficient supports for digital advertising campaigns. Suss Ads recognizes the power of video in capturing users’ attention and offers various video ad formats to maximize your impact. Whether it’s a short promotional video or a longer, more immersive ad experience, video ads can effectively convey your brand message and drive engagement.

SMS Ads and WhatsApp

In addition to these ad formats, Suss Ads also offers SMS ads to connect with your audience through the world’s leading customer engagement platform, WhatsApp.

With over 2 billion monthly active users worldwide, WhatsApp is a powerful tool for businesses to communicate directly with their customers. In Kenya alone, 89% of internet users utilize WhatsApp, making it an essential platform for reaching your target market.

Suss Digital network

Suss Ads digital partners

Suss Ads takes pride in its extensive digital exposure in Africa, with coverage in over 13 countries.

  • Angola
  • Cameroon
  • Chad
  • DRC
  • Kenya
  • Madagascar
  • Malawi
  • Nigeria
  • Rwanda
  • South Africa
  • Tanzania
  • Uganda

As a Kenyan-based company, they have a deep understanding of the local market and can provide tailored solutions for businesses looking to expand their reach in Africa.

When partnering with Suss Ads, you gain access to their network of top digital partners, including Meta, Google, Pubmatic, Amazon, Free Wheel, and Twitter, among others. This ensures that your ads are displayed on reputable platforms that reach a wide and diverse audience.

  • opt out
  • cheq
  • vitrado
  • cedato
  • channel sight
  • Ziff Davis
  • pubmatic
  • google-partner
  • adhese
  • maganite
  • free wheel
  • show heroes
  • inmobi
  • amazon ads
  • youtube
  • index exchange
  • twitter
  • meta

Suss Ads are integrated on the popular top brands globally including;

  • express
  • evening-news
  • k24
  • football london
  • daily star
  • goal
  • ddd
  • daily post
  • daily mail
  • citimuzik
  • forbes
  • britanicca
  • bbc
  • cnn
  • tumblr
  • tuko
  • traveler door
  • the guardian
  • the sun
  • the standard
  • mirror
  • opera mini
  • opera news
  • sportube
  • techclip
  • legit ng
  • quora
  • sky sports
  • the star
  • king

Suss Ads payment threshold and payment methods for publishers

When it comes to payments, Suss Ads offers various options and methods to suit your preferences. Whether you prefer Skrill, M-PESA, Paypal, Payoneer, or even a traditional cheque, Suss Ads has you covered.

The payment threshold is set at $100, allowing businesses to start benefiting from their ad campaigns quickly.

Suss Ads minimum traffic requirement

To partner with Suss Ads, your website must have a minimum of 100,000 monthly visitors, with a quarter of them originating from Africa and the rest from first-tier countries.

This requirement ensures that your website has a significant reach and attracts a diverse audience, enhancing the effectiveness of your ad campaigns. In conclusion, Suss Ads is the go-to platform for businesses looking to connect with their audience and drive meaningful engagement.


With a wide range of ad formats, extensive industry knowledge, and a network of top digital partners, Suss Ads provides the tools and resources needed to succeed in the competitive world of digital advertising. Trust Suss Ads to take your brand to new heights and achieve your marketing goals.

In addition to its advertising solutions, Suss also provides businesses with access to a network of publishers and websites where they can display their ads. This helps businesses expand their reach and increase their brand visibility. Overall, Suss Ads is a reliable and effective advertising platform that helps businesses achieve their marketing goals and drive more conversions.

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