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exads review for publishers

EXADS has a long-standing reputation for developing tailored advertising platforms for a wide range of clients, including ad networks, agencies, advertisers, and publishers. Their expertise in white-label ad-serving technology sets them apart in the industry.

EXADS offers a white-label solution. Ad Server is an ideal solution for publishers seeking to streamline their advertising operations across multiple digital platforms. Efficiently handle your inventory with our comprehensive platform, harnessing its robust capabilities to optimise your sales process through user-friendly technology.

EXADS offers a range of ad-serving solutions, including demand-side platforms, supply-side platforms, publisher ad servers, ad network infrastructure, and ad server APIs.

Based in Dublin, Ireland, Exads offers competitive CPM impression rates when compared to other ad networks.

EXADS offers ad formats that adhere to the IAB industry standards and are fully compliant with Chrome and the Better Ads Coalition.

EXADS also offers a range of ad server solutions, including video, mobile, native, and email ad servers, tailored to meet specific business needs.EXADS offers a seamless setup process, along with the ability to customise and adapt to the specific needs of businesses. This makes it a perfect choice for companies looking to serve ads without the hassle and expense of creating their own ad server.

Exads has demonstrated its value as a platform for customers and collaborators, providing a variety of important use cases. The platform constantly operates scans so as to guarantee the availability of safe and clean ads, earning praise from users for its dedication to maintaining high standards of ad quality and security.

This feature has addressed concerns regarding compromised ad content and has fostered trust among clients and partners.

In addition, Exads streamlines compliance checks, minimising the necessity for manual labour in day-to-day operations. This has been a valuable advantage that enables users to concentrate on other aspects of their campaigns.

Users have also praised the comprehensive tracking data provided by Exads, enabling them to efficiently optimise campaigns by analysing costs and revenue.

Exads dashboard

Our analytical approach has resulted in more informed decision-making and enhanced campaign performance. In addition, the platform’s interface is designed to be user-friendly, allowing clients to easily create campaigns and sites that cater to their unique traffic requirements.

This flexibility has proven to be extremely valuable for users who are looking for specific marketing strategies. Exads provides cutting-edge ad format technology, guaranteeing top-notch ads and robust safety safeguards for partners.

Users have praised the platform’s ongoing enhancements, highlighting its usefulness, informative content, and user-friendly interface.

Once users become familiar with the platform’s tools, features, and settings, they find the experience seamless, despite an initial learning curve.

exads dashboard Exads
exads dashboard

Exads Advertising formats

Sticky Banner.

A display banner that can be positioned in multiple locations on a desktop screen. It is available in various sizes.

Display Banner.

We offer a variety of traditional IAB standard display banners in various sizes.

Footer section.

A different banner size (900×250) was chosen instead of the usual 300×250 banners.

Email Clicks.

An email is sent to the user with a clear directive to visit the advertiser’s landing page or signup form.

Direct Links.

Establishing a direct connection between the publisher’s site and full-page tabs, push notifications, or back button offers.

Instant Message.

Just like a private equity analyst. The placement of the element differs depending on the device – it is located at the bottom right for desktop and at the bottom centre for mobile.

Muti-format Ads.

These ads are versatile and can be displayed in various formats, including banners or native, all within a single placement.

Responsive display ads.

RDAs are generated automatically from the assets provided by the advertiser, including images and texts.

Sponsored Listings.

These advertisements are prominently displayed at the top of a list of products or services, clearly indicating that they have been paid for.

Mobile Fullpage Interstitial.

This format takes up the entire mobile screen when the user visits a website. Provides a ‘Close ad’ option in the top right corner.

Desktop Full-Page Interstitial.

This format completely occupies the entire desktop screen when the user explores a website. There is an option to close the ad located at the top right.

Native Interstitial.

Cover the page with advertisements. The transition from the side of the page is seamless and can be easily dismissed.

Native Exit.

Triggers when the mouse moves outside the page, as if leaving the site. Can be conveniently closed by the user.

Native Recommendation.

Our widget offers complete customisation options, allowing you to choose a responsive or custom-size image, as well as a concise title and description.


There is a large format ad that is concealed behind the main browser window and only becomes visible when the user closes or minimises it.

Push notifications.

Push notifications can be customised with either an icon and image or an icon and text. Delivered to users who have chosen to receive updates on all devices, even in offline mode.

Video Banners.

Short video content banners are designed for seamless playback, ensuring a smooth and uninterrupted user experience.

In-Video Banner (VAST).

This is shown in a video player. It can be configured to display before, after, during a pause, or based on custom triggers.

Outstream Video.

A versatile video format that can be seamlessly integrated into any part of a website. The video starts playing once over half of it is visible.

In-Stream Video (VAST).

Plays automatically upon clicking on a video. Can be easily customised with interactive prompts for action. Includes a ‘Skip Ad’ button.

Video Slider.

A video format that smoothly appears from the bottom right of a page after it finishes loading. Includes a ‘Close Ad’ button.


  • Wide range of ads formats
  • Easy to integrate
  • Offers premium advertising
  • Work with AdSense ads
  • Pay on time
  • Easy to register for sites with 50K views per month


  • Low CPM
  • High pageviews requirements for small publishers

Exads Legit or Scam

Exads are the best ads you can use in substitution with AdSense. They are both headquartered in Dublin. Exads are real; they pay on time.

Best Exads Alternative

If your registration was declined, the best ad partner for your website that will enable you to make money from several advertisers in one place is the MoneyTizer.

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