Pink Ad Media Review: Best PinkAdMedia ads CPC/CPM 24/7, Video ads, publisher requirements explained

Pink ad media optimization

Pink Ad Media is an online media firm that is intently geared towards providing individuals and businesses all over the world with the most user-friendly, efficient, and dependable digital advertising platform.

Pink Ad Media is intended to significantly increase your advertising income by a factor of three, and its SSP is extremely happy to fulfil demand in a programmatic manner on your website. Pink Advertising Media is able to meet the need in all regions and can guarantee considerable returns on an annual basis.

Google MA accounts for premium Publishers

Google MA accounts are something that PinkAdMedia is able to provide for premium publishers.

The advertising network known as Pink AdMedia provides solutions for use across several channels, including display, desktop, video, and mobile advertising.

Free Offers

30% on referrals
5% on every reached threshold signup

Because it is essential for ad formats to be optimised for each channel, it is an advantageous development that they are preoccupied with the advancement of algorithms and the utilisation of the most recent technology.

Pink ad media company open day for ad optimization
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Pink Ad Media Display and Mobile

Pink Ad Media is an excellent method for monetizing your inventory by using a vast pool of demand that has unrivalled global reach and scalability.

At Pink Ad Media, we dedicate a lot of work to ensuring that our publishers get the greatest CPMs possible by displaying advertisements that are most pertinent based on the content they provide.

When visitors visit your website using a mobile device, such as a smartphone or tablet, you can continue to generate income while also providing a wonderful experience for your users by using responsive ad units, which automatically adjust to various screen sizes.

Pink Ad Media ensures that advertisers and publishers are able to purchase and sell ad space in a secure atmosphere that is safe for their brands. In terms of both audiences and locations, display advertisements provide a secure marketplace.

Pinkadmedia provides video advertisements.

Through the use of high-impact video advertising, you can increase engagement. Through the use of high-impact video advertising, you may successfully capture the curiosity of those who are important to you.

You may reach the demographic you want by using the possibilities of Pink AdMedia’s PreRoll video or by using in-banner video advertising.

You will have a lot of success if you are able to successfully tap into this extra stream of money for your website and execute it effectively.

Yield optimisation is provided by Pinkadmedia.

In a straightforward and totally automated way, Pink AdMedia makes it possible for you to enhance the overall yield on inventory, which is suitable for dynamic allocation across Ad Manager and Ad Exchange. This is accomplished by increasing the level of competition between direct and indirect sales.

The optimisation of competition results in an increase in the number of possibilities for Ad Managers, Ad Exchange buyers, and Exchange Bidding purchasers to compete against bookings when they are ready to pay higher rates in comparison to the reservations.

How can I get in touch with Pink Ad Media?

Pink ad media registration for new publishers
Pinkadmedia registration

You can visit them at Modern Prosperous Tech Park, Survey No. 12, Kondapur, Hyderabad, Telangana, 500084, India. You can email them at or call them at +8978907852.

Payment Threshold and Average CPM/CPC

The bare minimum payment requirement is $50, and payments will be paid on a net thirty-day basis. Depending on the sort of niche, publishers may anticipate a CPM or CPC of around 0.60 dollars on average.

Pink Ad Media payment methods

  • Payonner
  • Cheque
  • Paypal

Pink Ad Media requirements for publishers

  • Minimum traffic of 10,000 views per month
  • Good webpage layout
  • Follow Google’s advertising policies.
  • No adult content
  • No bot traffic

Pink Ad Media rating

It is a new ad media in India and is coming up steadily to compete with ads giants. Grow with Pink Ad Media.

Our Score


  • Good eCPM
  • Has advertisers worldwide
  • Good for all content niches
  • Minimum traffic requirement: 10K
  • Best results with traffic from 1st tier countries
  • Best AdSense alternative
  • Approves sites with good layout and UX


  • Follow Google policies
  • Cannot monetize adult blog
  • Need time to pick up best CPM

Does Pink Ad Media work with AdSense ads?

Pink Ad Media ads work seemlessly with AdSense ads. They blend well, hence creating an opportunity to utilise your website. However, pink ad media provides more money than AdSense in terms of monthly revenue. Pink Ad Media works with premium advertisers and offers premium demand for publishers.


Pink Ad Media ads are the best option for publishers who want to maximise their revenue. Pink Ad Media revenue triples compared to AdSense ads provided by Google. As a publisher, I would recommend Pink Ad Media Ads.

Best Pink Ad alternative.

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