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the moneytizer ads reviews

The MoneyTizer ads load significantly more slowly than Adsense ads. Nevertheless, one should integrate advertisements with Adsense to increase earnings on The MoneyTizer. You can check the ad network for more Info.

An online advertising platform called The Moneytizer makes it easier to make money from your website. The business, which was started in France, currently operates routes from the United States.

In respect to this network, the same thing occurs on sites like Mediavine and Ezoic.
Use TheMoneytizer, but avoid putting their top-level advertising on your site because your visitors will not see it.

The moneytizer vs Adsense on web speed

One thing you could discover is that their ads might slow down your website.
The network has many scripts and requests unlike Adsense.

The bad results will only be a problem if the Core Web Vitals results in Google Search Console start to get worse.

When Adsense is paired with another ad network, the speed results are mediocre.

The MoneyTizer Ad refresh

The fact that ads updates and refreshed about every 30 seconds is one of the advantages you should take advantage of.

These advertisements may be added to the sidebar, where they will be effective.
It’s a good idea to use this advertising in the sidebar because The Moneytizer pays for how many times an ad unit has been seen.

However, since the advertising didn’t load as quickly, employing leaderboard ads or top ads would waste your valuable time.

the moneytizer ads review
The Moneytizer

The MoneyTizer ads integration

Ad integration is fairly simple. No coding is required.

It performs better than Ezoic in terms of integration since you don’t need to give them access to your Google Manager account, Google Search Console account, Google Analytics account, Adsense account, DNS records, or modify your name servers.

The MoneyTizer payment methods.

  • Paypal
  • Wire Transfer

The Ad network offers the option of sending funds to your bank account or to your Paypal account.

The Moneytizer Ad Units

  • Footer
  • Rectangle
  • Skin
  • In Content
  • Half Page
  • Interstitial
  • In Pictures

Utilizing an ad unit more than once is one of the things you cannot do in this network.

The two 300*250 units can no longer be added if you have previously utilized them.

These ad units seem to be intended to take over a select number of the current Ad spots rather than completely replace all of them.

Consent Banner

The last annoying thing is the large script called consent Banner. Putting new scripts on website also drags it.

The script must be added to your website’s header, and its proper execution must be checked.

As a Google ad partner, you may increase their ad inventory when you integrate with Adsense.

Best Alternative to Adsense

However, the moneytizer is best alternative to adsense and could have more profits or earning if used properly. Sign to the Moneytizer ad network today.

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  1. TheMoneytizer is a real deal. I earned over £600 in one month after having 5 trending topics on my site for a week.

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