Value Impression Ads vs AdSense, What are the best Value impression requirements and eCPM

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As a substitute for Google Adsense, consider strong ad networks like Value Impression. Now, what are the value impression requirements?

Compared to other networks, there is an extra 40 to 300% in revenue potential. Here is an honest review of Valueimpression after using it for two years.

Analysis of Valueimpression after two years of use. When you send in your application through the website or blog, you’ll get an email telling you that you’ve been accepted.

Value impression requirements

For high-quality sites, the needed amount would be around 750,000 impressions or 25,000 page views each month.

These statistics are available in your analytics, AdSense, or other ad network data. You will get login information to access the dashboard upon approval. You may discover statistics on earnings and authorized sites on the dashboard.

When you choose the “Sites” page, you will find a list of the sites you have approved, as well as personal earnings reports and ad codes to use.

Value Impression Review on Ads types

Application of ad codes You will be issued two sets of codes, much like other networks like Newormedia and Exmarketplace. Each page will need to contain the first set of codes at the top. The second set of codes is for specific advertisements at the same time.

These advertisements are what they provide.

  • Display advertisements
  • ad videos
  • Intelligent banners advertising
  • In- and out-of-stream video advertising.
  • Display ads come in the following sizes: 300×250 squares, 160×600 vertical banners, and 728×90 leaderboard ads.

One can select which advertisements to view. However, they have smart banners activated, and they generate a lot of money.

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Value Impression

Value per Impression

Their estimated rates for each sort of advertisement are as follows:
Ad formats

eCPMDisplay Banner $1-$10 inflow-$25 outflow-$25 discovery-$25 video
The rates are expressed as eCPM, which represents income per 1000 impressions.
Ad reports The value impression reports are rather simple. I’ve seen, AdSense, ezoic, monumetric, newormedia, etc. However, only Adsense seems to be displaying real-time revenues on the dashboard of those.

Value Impression report -Dashboard

The Value Impression Report, however, is on par with or perhaps superior to AdSense. I often see real-time revenues in Adsense, which are then lowered after a few hours on the same day. Even the monthly AdSense earnings aren’t finished for two days or longer.

I observed several wonderful credibilities for valueimpression. In contrast to Adsense, which deducts reported money after a few hours, reporting is done immediately.

Even the profits at the end of the month are decided as soon as the last day is over. Earnings In my opinion, they pay better than other networks like AdSense,, newer media, etc., and it’s a decent ad network. It all depends on the source of traffic. Additionally, their advertisements are eye-catching, of high quality, and come from respectable companies.

Additionally, you may use your Adsense advertisements as fallback ads for unsold stock. By doing this, you will also collect AdSense revenue on your Adsense dashboard.

Site Speed

The problem with advertisements is how they slow down websites. Since Google results heavily depend on site performance, I am always concerned about how advertisements might affect site speed.

The value impression advertising did not significantly slow down the website, however.
They also rely on the header bidding mechanism for the presentation of very lucrative advertisements.
However, the ad network’s effect on site performance is really very small and insignificant.
So, one should not fear putting them into practice.

PaymentsThis value-impression ad network is, in my opinion, one of the quickest paying. Around the 21st of this month, you will get money from Adsense for the previous month. It runs from the 24th to the 27th of the month for ezoic. It is close to the 30th of the month for newormedia,

ValueImpression payment method and proof

However, you will be paid for value impressions by this month’s third. In other words, the income for June will be paid by July 3rd. Proof of payment This definitely distinguishes this ad network from all the others.

The value of payment mechanisms. There are several payment methods used by the impression ad network, and you may be paid by


Bitcoin, Bit Cash, Tether, Ethereum, and XRP are just a few examples of the cryptocurrencies that may be wire transferred; Payoneer is a convenient and affordable payment processor.
To broadcast advertisements on websites in other countries, we now require their permission.

To do this with AdSense, you have to use a number of methods, which can be confusing for publishers.
Valueimpression, however, has both its Js and EU approval. In that sense, publishers should not worry too much.

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