Full Adsvictory review: Scam or legit? How do I get quick Adx approval on Adsvictory in 24 hours?

adsvictory review

Adsvictory is a leading ad network that helps publishers monetize their websites and apps. A group of seasoned professionals in the advertising industry founded the business in 2018.

Adsvictory offers a range of ad formats such as display ads, native ads, video ads, and pop-up ads. The company provides publishers with the flexibility to choose the ad format that best suits their needs. The ad network also offers advanced optimization tools to help publishers maximize their revenue and improve the user experience.

In terms of optimization, the ad company uses machine learning algorithms to analyze user behavior and optimize ad placements. This helps publishers to increase their click-through rates (CTR) and revenue. the ad company also provides publishers with real-time reporting and analytics to help them track their performance and make data-driven decisions.

Adsvictory review: Is Adsvictory media a scam or legit?

Adsvictory is a reliable and trustworthy ad network that offers competitive revenue share and excellent customer support. The company is committed to helping publishers monetize their content and grow their businesses.

Advertisements on banners and video advertising may be found on, an ad network for all publishers. I got the chance to utilise the network in my role as a publisher, and I’d like to offer my opinions and observations in this review.

Best Adsvictory alternative

Getting accepted into the ad network can be challenging, as they depend 100% on Google systems for approval. The MoneyTizer has all the advertisers on one platform. Sign up now.

Adsvictory google Approval.

To guarantee that the applications and websites they partner with have authentic and high-quality content, the ad network has stringent clearance criteria.

Websites need to be live for at least three months and have 100,000 page visits each month. To be published on the Google Play Store, applications need to have a minimum of 10,000 installations and 10,000 daily active users. Depending on Google’s response time, the approval procedure may take anywhere from three to eight days. It’s an easy process.


  • Premium demand for all publishers


  • 100K monthly traffic requirements
  • Payment threshold: $100
  • Depend on Google for new publisher sign-ups
  • 30% of ad inventory is managed by third party
  • Accounts need google approval.

Ad formats and CPM impressions.

Adsvictory uses header bidding technology to offer publishers high CPMs and offers a variety of ad forms, including video advertisements and banners. As a consequence, the publisher enjoys a more lucrative monetization experience.

The method of payment and threshold.

Adsvictory processes payouts to publishers on a net 30-day basis, offering a range of payment options including UPI, bank transfer, PayPal, wire, and cryptocurrency. Because of this, publishers have more payment choices to select from. The payment threshold is $100.

Working with third-party ad networks.

The ad company permits integration with ad networks like Google AdSense as long as publishers use at least 30% of the ad inventory on the other network. This gives publishers some leeway to capitalise on their advertising chances to the fullest.

How to get ADX approval using adsvictory ad network?

To get approval for Adx, using adsvictory ad network, your website must comply with all the necessary terms and conditions of Google Adsense, including quality content. Illegal or adult content, self-ad clicks, force ad clicks, or bot clicks are prohibited.

Similarly, for apps, you must have a genuine app published on Google Play Store without any integrated VPN/Force Clicking Ads/Self Clicking Ads/Telling users to click ads. Failure to comply with these requirements will result in rejection.

What is the eligibity for publisher approval on adsvictory ads

In terms of eligibility for publisher approval on advertising, your website must be at least 3 months old, receive a minimum of 200k monthly page views, and have 40% organic traffic.

For apps, you need a minimum of 10,000 installs on Google Play Store and daily active users or installs from Google Play Store.

How Long does adsvictory take to approve website?

Adsvictory typically reviews the website within 24 hours and then sends it to Google for approval once the ads.txt is added. The complete process may take 3-8 days depending on Google’s response time. For apps, ad units are provided once the app is approved.

What is the adsvictory revenue share and payment threshold?

Adsvictory works on a 90:10 / 80:20 revenue share model, where users receive 80-90% of the revenue and adsvictory keeps 10-20% as a charge for all the services provided. Payment is made at net 30-40 days for both apps and websites, and payment can be received via UPI, bank transfer, PayPal, etc. Minimum payment is $100

Why my publisher adsvictory account banned from serving ads?

If your site/app violates any policy by using illegal or adult content, self-ad clicks, force ad clicks, or bot clicks, your site/app will be banned by Google, and you will not receive payment. Therefore, it is essential to avoid policy violations to work for the long term.


To sum up, I had a good and fruitful time working with the ad network. With header bidding technology and a variety of ad formats, the network offers rich monetization potential while ensuring quality and authentic content via its tight clearance criteria.

Receiving money is a breeze with our net 30 payment policy and several payment choices. Adsvictory is a fantastic tool for publishers that want to make money on their apps or websites.

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