Adsense bug: How to fix Adsense 0 clicks nightmare hitting publishers from March 2023

Adsense 0 clicks

The Adsense bug makes publishers lose sleep, seeing their businesses scramble down with Adsense 0 clicks on the platform’s dashboard. Some Google Adsense users have been thrown into the dark after their accounts began showing “0 clicks” which became a trending issue in the Adsense community.
Many people speculate that Google’s human resources could be the main issue after the last mass layoffs from all Alphabet Inc. subsidiaries.
However, there are some possible fixes to the Adsense 0 clicks issue. Many have tried multiple trials and errors to figure out how to fix the issue on their accounts.
Several stories are going online about accounts that have suffered invalid clicks. However, several account holders explained that their accounts have never experienced or had little invalid click activity.
Numerous publishers have been posting about the Adsense 0 clicks bug in the Google AdSense Forum since early March 2023.

This is a separate problem; there aren’t any notices of policy violations in the Policy Centre; advertisements show correctly; CPM ad income is being tracked; but clicks have been either withdrawn from AdSense accounts or have not been tracked.

In a nutshell, clicks on AdSense advertisements are not recorded at all in publisher accounts. Publishers are only enabled to get CPM money whenever there aren’t any hits.

Please fix Adsense 0 clicks issue, Publishers plead Adsense Forum

Google Adsense 0 clicks problem
Adsense 0 clicks 2

One publisher posted on the Adsense forum, saying, “I am one of those publishers; there is enough discussion already in the Google AdSense Community and the rest of the web, but no one is aware what is causing this.”

“Many are saying this is caused by invalid traffic, but as far as my personal case is concerned, I have never had invalid traffic, and proper security settings are in place.”

“I have never had invalid traffic revenue deducted as well.”

“One of the senior forum experts has already said to contact Google, but there has been no response from the Google AdSense team yet.”

“No one knows what is happening or why AdSense is not counting clicks.”

“Everyone has their own opinion, but only the AdSense team can fix it.”

How to fix Adsense 0 clicks issue

To resolve the Adsense 0 clicks bug-related problem, there are numerous options.

1. Removing all ad units from the site

Others have said that after removing all their ad codes from the websites for about 24 hours, integrating them back in fixed the issue.

2. Remove or change the Google Analytics integration.

Some publishers have removed the Google Analytics code integrated into their websites. They either moved from UA to G4 or fixed the issue.

Others say they created new analytics in G4 and fixed the issue after 24 hours.

3. Removing ad codes, archiving ad units, and creating new ones

The majority have resolved the problem by creating new ad units, archiving the running ads, and removing the codes from their websites.

Others also disabled the auto-ads feature, and after 24 hours, everything was back to normal.

Zero clicks have hit many publishers, leaving others stranded on what to do next, as in paying bills and running costs.

Adsense 0 clicks bug problems
Adsense 0 clicks bug chain

Adsense Publishers Take on the Adsense ‘0 Clicks’ Problem

One publisher who had closely monitored his account narrated,

Still not resolved after more than two weeks. But twice I saw two clicks counted, one at 3,70 euros and the second at 0,70 euros, then they were deleted and all stayed at 0,00. I don’t understand what’s going on!”

A businessman who has a website that has been online for the past 10 years also narrated his agony,

The same issue appeared on my website yesterday. The site is over 10 years old, and the traffic has consistently had the same character, with a large share of visitors coming from Google and Bing. And this seems like it will kill my business. What should I do?

Publisher Peter Sadlon said, “

I have the same issue, which started today. Web traffic reports from the server and Google Analytics all show normal traffic, and 3rd party feedback is that ads are being shown. But Google Adsense stats show close to zero impressions and income.

My Adsense account shows no policy violations either. It looks like this is a somewhat common issue, but I don’t see any reply from anyone official, so I’m reporting it here in case someone is monitoring.

Update: My stats in Adsense today show that the issue began on April 13 and carried through to the 19th, but I received normal stats on the 20th. The 21st saw the 0 stats again, and today as well.

Another publisher also posted but connected the issue to search console error messages saying;

I have noticed this too with all sites. I have checked that the site is valid and everything else I can think of. One thing I noticed while checking the server was valid in the console is a lot of messages relating to cookies not being accessed by Adsense. Would this be the issue?

Request to access a cookie or storage on “…

A request to access a cookie or storage on “…MY_URL…” was blocked because it came from a tracker and content blocking is enabled.

A request to access a cookie or storage on “URL>[UACH]&cid=…………” was blocked because it came from a tracker and content blocking is enabled.

Partitioned cookie or storage access was provided to “” because it is loaded in the third-party context and dynamic state partitioning is enabled.

Conclusion on Google AdSense 0 Clicks Bug

The Adsense 0 clicks problem will only be resolved completely by the Adsense team in Ireland. However, the trials may temporarily offer relief without fixing the bug that hit many websites in 2023.

The good news is that the Adsense team is working to resolve the issue. All other activities, like getting earnings and RPM counts, continue to work normally.

Publishers can also apply for other ad networks which pay well just like Adsense.

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