DigiOpinion surveys review, Is DigiOpinion scam or legit survey provider

digiopinion surveys reviews

An online survey platform called Digiopinion rewards its signed-up customers for participating in surveys. The surveys just require that you respond to questions and provide feedback.

A Danish business named Opinodo owns the survey firm Digiopinion.

The survey company was founded to assist in gathering information and doing studies that would improve humanity. The Digiopinion website was developed to provide consumers with a better survey-taking experience.

Digiopinion real or fake

The survey company contributes to high-quality research by allowing its subscribers to participate in surveys while remaining anonymous. You may feel secure doing Digiopinion surveys knowing that none of your information will be made public.

The platform has scammed people. Their main agenda is to get the flow of traffic to their site to go higher in the ranks.

Digiopinion scam or legit- People Digiopinion reviews

Below are some of the reviews from a trusted platform Trustpilot.

“Be careful with the survey company, it’s a scam. because I have completed surveys many times but never paid by the survey platform,” Yohansa said.

” Don’t agree to share personal data here ..beware it’s a scam.”

” “For me here in Kenya I can say categorically without fear of any contradiction Digiopinion is a Scam meant to benefit European countries with favouritism of the highest order, I receive survey emails before completion I am notified it has been answered severally, and I look for a new survey, time to time same old mind games, not reasonable at all I think they should market it in Europe most probably it works for them and anyone saying it satisfies them check his or her nationality it speaks volumes, period!.” Kenyan user said.

” An absolute waste of time, I have done several surveys, and the last one was 28 minutes long. At the end of the survey, I was suddenly moved to another page and it stood something like “We have enough answers from this survey” and, of course, no money at all for me, ” another user from Brazil said.

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