Strangest vs Strongest! Who is the greatest world entertaining bizarre person?

strangest vs strongest

It’s contrasting when talking about strangest vs Strongest when someone could lift thrice his or her weight at ease. Bruce Lee is the strangest and strongest individual in the world of entertainment. How is he? Let us dive in.

He was a Chinese martial artist and actor. Bruce Lee had the strangest moves that none of the bodybuilders could perform.

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Strangest vs Strongest facts

Bruce Lee executed some extraordinary feats. He weighed only 130 pounds:

  • He had a punching power of 350 pounds
  • Bruce Lee could do about 1500 push-ups in a row with two hands,
  • 400 push-ups in a row with one hand, 200 push-ups by two-finger of one hand,
  • 100 by the thumb of one hand.
  • This record has not been broken by anyone.
  • He practised 5000 punches a day and could give nine punches in one second.
  • Bruce Lee’s kicks were so fast for cameras that he was filmed in slow motion.
  • He could jump to 8 ft from a standstill

But why Strangest vs Strongest? Those muscles on the big guy must be extremely cumbersome and think Bruce’s body was much extra aesthetically pleasing. It’s apparent Bruce wasn’t a bodybuilder, but his body was well-built.

However, he was not like the bodybuilder below.

strangest vs strongest person in the world bruce lee 3466920616289146286. Strangest vs Strongest
strangest vs strongest person in the world bruce lee 3466920616289146286.

He was like the photo below.

Strangest vs Strongest in the world
strangest vs strongest person in the world 8421040925684702687.

There’s footage of Bruce Lee in his early twenties before he was popular in America illustrating his one-inch punch at a martial arts tournament in California. It’s accessible on YouTube.

He was never on Johnny Carson, however, he was planned to be on Johnny Carson to facilitate his film Enter the Dragon.

He died a few days before the show and they used the aeroplane tickets they had sent him and his family to fly his body and family back to the United States from Hong Kong for his funeral in Seattle.

He was on Chinese TV and was also interviewed on the Pierre Berton show in Hong Kong. That interview was filmed in English and is also accessible on YouTube. Does that fit as Strangest vs Strongest?

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