AdThrive review – Best ad network and Mediavine alternative 2022

AdThrive review photo adthrive video ads

AdThrive review. AdThrive ad network is a complete ad management company offering an extensive range of ad services. AdThrive VS Adsense. It’s the best ad network that carries many top bloggers with video ads.

The Full-service ad management firms assists the bloggers to get the most earnings from their advertising spaces by deducing the best ad layout and overseeing the ad auctions that determine which ads to be shown.

AdThrive review and foundation

AdThrive review photo adthrive video ads

Established in 2013 by a husband-and-wife blogging team, AdThrive had a goal of assisting creators in boosting their ad revenue and helping in their dream businesses by establishing significant digital content.

They partnered with CafeMedia, a prominent digital media company, in 2016 to deliver even more reputable help to bloggers.

Joining this premium ad network is very hard. At time of posting this AdThrive review, there are less than 3000 publishers who are able to take advantage from this ad network.

AdThrive dashboard

The Adthrive dashboard comprises of several particular reports that enable publisher get detailed data. It comprises of data on specific ad earnings and performance,  RPM breakdown as well as traffic understandings.

AdThrive minimum ads and formats

AdThrive ad network need a minimum of 3 ads running in the website and in noticeable areas on every device.

AdThrive review photo adthrive video ads

Ad format in AdThrive also contains video ads which can assist to produce more income.

Also, Adthrive pays 75% of earnings to the publishers. Google AdSense pays only 68% of the total revenue to its publishers which is 7% less than that of AdThrive.

AdThrive average RPM runs from 13 USD to 15 USD. That means a producer can generate up to 15 dollars per 1,000 pageviews.

Publishers get paid every 45 days via AdThrive. This means the earnings of January are paid on the 15th of April. AdThrive advises publishers to include their payment and tax details so that their first payment comes on time.

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