NitroPay reviews – Best ad tech for publishers, Video ads pays most

NitroPay reviews benefits and alternative photo

NitroPay reviews. NitroPay operates as premium data-driven monetization platform for small, medium and large publishers. It’s the best blogger nexus to balloon earnings than FatChilli or PurpleAds.

Nitropay provides cutting-edge mobile, display, and video monetization. They have a talented team and a small business, but they offer personalization services.

NitroPay places a strong emphasis on achieving results for their customers through personal connections and recommendations on how to improve the services.

NitroPay mode of service

After the site has been approved, they will submit the domain to all of their SSP demand partners to request approval for header bidding and video ads.

After your website has been reviewed and approved, all you need to do is place their header code, and you’re good to go. The rest is building ad units with a few clicks. NitroPay reviews across the web have all said, “Its a click of a button”.

NitroPay reviews benefits and alternative photo
NitroPay reviews

NitroPay reviews on ads

They already have relationships with all of the top ad networks, and as a NitroPay Publisher, they will work to merge all of these partners to bid on your ad inventory.

  • IAB Display – 728×90, 970×90, 300×250, 320×50, 160×600, 300×600, Sizeless Responsive ads.
  • Anchor – 728×90 Desktop, 320×50 Mobile.
  • Article – Seamlessly weave ads throughout your content.
  • Sticky Side Rail – dismissable sticky ads that are vertically centred on the left or right of the page. 
  • Sticky Stack – For long sidebars/gutters.
  • Interstitial – Interstitial ad shown when clicking a link that would exit your site. 
  • Video – Video player placement.
  • Ad Refresh – Choose to only refresh ad units when they are in view and set the optimal refresh rate.

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