Why most bloggers not making money on their websites, blogs!! 3 easy tricks for Startup

Most bloggers not making money most bloggers not making money

Why would blogging for beginners be a boring or difficult task? Blogging is a leisure, hobby and work for others. Most bloggers not making money because it needs some patience. Why do want to do blogging or become a blogger?

Before embarking on blogging, it’s very important to define your goals before diving into blogging. Blogging for money or blogging the boys.

Also, don’t just begin because you think you could undertake it. Is that easy, right?


Have a mentor.

Most bloggers not making money because they lack a mentor. Having someone along that’s prosperous because it gives you more advantage since you’ll get to know his or her most effective methods in developing content, picking an audience, keywords research, storing traffic, choosing the right blogging platform, SEO/paid traffic (Everything isn’t free in commercial blogging).

The only way to begin and seeing money in blogging is if you’ve selected the right niche with relevant content.

Content and traffic

Chose the best content to have a constant source of traffic (if you want to depend on Google AdSense, then your fastest way to earn would verge towards laid traffic which might be demoralizing at some point if you are green in the secrets).

Not everything you read online works. Someone asks from his/her blog that he/she some £0.03 CPC which means 100 clicks earns me less than £5.

Why most bloggers not making money

” I was told I’d earn more if I joined this niche.” ” The best niches to make you rich in one year, go for it.” This is what makes people go something that is not their passion and it’s not always as you read it. Thats how they ended up like most bloggers not making money.

Don’t write for yourself or you know how to write, write for readers who needs to know what to buy, how to buy best to buy and where to buy and assure you’re giving them the right sources.

People need solutions in one aspect or the other. You can add your products if it solves their troubles too.


Blogging is learning and learning and consistent learning. Learning new tricks, new technology, new traffic markets among others. Blogging is a world of its own, keep learning, keep implementing. Most bloggers not making money in blogging for lack of proper knowledge.

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