Best Sovrn Ads review for publishers, Sovrn CPM, min. traffic and payment methods

Sovrn review for publishers. Sovrn ads review for bloggers

Sovrn Review: Since the beginning of 2014, when Sovrn Holdings was first established, a great deal of progress has been made in a variety of areas. This is an updated assessment of the ad network for publishers as of 2022.

Sovrn Holdings was established in January 2014 and was formerly known as Federated Media and Lijit. This came about as a result of LLN Media’s purchase of the sales division of Federated Media Publisher.

“Sovrn Holdings” was the name given to the new advertising division of the company when it was first introduced.

Sovrn ads ranking

Quantcast ranked the ad network as the fourth biggest advertising industry network just ten months after the company started up. This was because the ad network had a great track record in the advertising business.

At this time, the ad company is a CPM advertising network that is headquartered in the United States.

According to the most recent data that they have compiled, the advertising network now works with more than 40,000 websites all over the world.

Working with the ad network has a number of wonderful advantages, one of which is the fact that publishers have the ability to quickly define a desired eCPM rate for advertisements that are published on their websites.

In the event that the network you are using for your eCPM settings does not have any advertisements, you have the option of using backup ads such as Google Adsense as fallback ads.

As a publisher, you stand to gain in any scenario. Either the ad network advertisements or your passback ads will be shown on your website at all times in order to achieve 100% fill.

Sovrn review for publishers. Sovrn ads review for bloggers
Sovrn review for publishers

The company pays the fees that the publishers would have had to pay if they had used PayPal.

The payment alternatives that publishers accept might, at any moment, be modified at the publisher’s discretion. The network does not need the submission of tax information from publishers.

Whether or not you are asked to join the network will depend on the kind of content you have on your website.

Before granting permission,the ad network conducts a thorough evaluation of each application. Your application will be declined if it includes anything that is deemed to be offensive or improper on your website.

They do not need a certain volume of traffic in order for you to participate in their programme; nevertheless, you will need to ensure that your website has high-quality material in order to attract excellent visitors

What are Sovrn FAQs?

  • What are the Sovrn publisher requirements?

    No requirements. Only website with quality traffic and content that is not of adult nature. Family friendly content.

  • What are the Sovrn payment methods?

    1. Paypal
    2. Wire Transfer
    3. ACH
    4. Check
    5. eCheck

  • What is Sovrn minimum traffic requirement?


  • What is the Sovrn minimum payment threshold? 

    $25. They pay NET-45 terms.

  • Which is th Sovrn ads website?

  • Which are the Sovrn ad formats for websites?

    300×250, 160×600, 300×600, and the traditional 728×90

  • Do Sovrn offer video ads for publishers?

    Yes. VAST and pre-roll video ads

  • Does Sovrn ads offer CPM, CPA like Google Adsense?

    Sovrn offer CPM model only. However, Sovrn works best with traffic from top-tier countries like US, UK, Canada, Australia etc. They offer Low eCPM for non-US traffic.

  • Is VigLink now Sovrn?

    The Sovrn acquisition of VigLink built one of the largest and most influential portfolios of publishers on the internet with more than 50,000 independent sites. More than 250M daily active consumers in reach.

  • What is Sovrn ads fill rate?

    100%. The ad newtork has fallback/passback method with Adsense. No Ads blank spaces like before.

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