Infolinks media review – Infolinks ad network, the best in contextual, text and folds ads

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Infolinks media review giving insights. Infolinks Media is an ad network with a vast of expertise since 2007, delivering 100% Direct, Viewable and Exclusive large network of publishers.

The company has encountered massive development under CEO Bob Regular and team. The company is based in Ridgewood, New Jersey but has team members worldwide for numerous purposes. SIGN UP

Infolinks media review

This ad network delivers several ad formats that can outfit into any publisher monetization policy.

Before adding multiple ad units, discuss with your account manager to agree on which units would best be deployed.

Infolinks media review and infolinks reviews photo

Adding custom ad units is a vital part of any publisher monetization technique in 2020.

These ad types performs from small, medium and large publishers which shows that Infolinks is willing to work with most respected publishers even if they are small.

In article ads

Infolinks in article unit has high viewability and opens whenever a user scrolls down and creates engagement with the content.

Infolinks Media prominent unit is their sticky adhesion unit as a 728×90 or video slider.

Infolinks review on Contextual ads

Infolinks media review and infolinks reviews photo

Infolinks has its own proprietary contextual market integrated along with  header bidding and video demand making the unit an extremely powerful monetization opportunity.

In text as units

In text unit turn keywords into clickable ads. This is a totally brand new source of revenue while maintaining user engagement.

Many publishers ignore that the actual keywords in their articles can be utilized as a monetization stream. This is a great opportunity to turn clicks into revenue across an entire network of contextual advertisers.

Payment methods

  • 65% base revenue share
  • NET45 Payment Terms
  • PayPal minimum threshhold is $50
  • Payoneer Compatible
  • ACH/Wire
  • eCheck

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