Mediavine V Monumetric ad networks – Which is best ad network for bloggers?

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Mediavine V Monumetric ad networks, which fits your blogging needs for being a well paying network? Content creators are given the opportunity to acquire long-term investments in media publishing thanks to the Mediavine requirement. Mediavine works as an ad manager.

Mediavine launched its ad management platform in 2004 and now has over 7000 publishers. Mediavine is for any website with thousands of visitors that does not contain adult content.

Monumetric review

Monumetric is a full premium ad network for content creators and website owners. Monumetric launched its ad management software in 2002. Initially, the outlet was called Blogger Network.

Monumetric because after getting massive requests and more work with more than 2000 publishers who are not simply bloggers.

The firm shown bloggers how to generate modest income through ad display while retaining the tremendous reasonable user experience on the site.

Mediavine V Monumetric
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Eligibility in Monumetric

To be eligible,  50,000 monthly sessions are needed to join the Mediavine publisher program. To be accepted, the publisher must remove all ads before applying.

Mediavine review

Mediavine rejects applications from publishers with other ad networks displaying ads in their sites.

Ad networks must examine traffic quality to determine if it is organic and not the result of a bot or other suspicious activity. Those blocked by AdSense previously will not be approved. Furthermore, the United States,

It also looks for the United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia traffic and must account for the majority of your website traffic.

Mediavine V Monumetric ad networks

Banking on the percentage of traffic, there are a range of ads networks. Monumetric has made clear about their traffic requirements. To join monumetric, website or blog must have at least 10,000 monthly pageviews.

If the monthly traffic is less than 80,000, a publisher will pay a $99 startup fee by credit card to guarantee that they choose the best advertisers and set up all of the services. However, if your monthly pageviews surpass 80k, the setup charge is free.

Which is better Mediavine V Monumetric? Mediavine V Monumetric equation is sorted and its upto the publisher to choose.

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