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Infolinks review gives insights into the best ad network for small publishers. Infolinks Media is an ad network with vast expertise since 2007, delivering a 100% Direct, Viewable and Exclusive large network of publishers.

The company has experienced rapid expansion thanks to the efforts of CEO Bob Regular and his team. The headquarters of the company can be found in Ridgewood, New Jersey, but the team operates out of locations all over the world. SIGN UP

Infolinks review

This ad network delivers several ad formats that can outfit into any publisher monetization policy.

Before adding multiple ad units, discuss with your account manager to agree on which units would best be deployed.

Infolinks media review and infolinks reviews photo
Infolinks media review

Adding custom ad units is a vital part of any publisher monetization technique in 2020.

These ad types perform from small, medium and large publishers which shows that Infolinks is willing to work with the most respected publishers even if they are small.

In article ads

Infolinks in the article unit has high viewability and are open whenever a user scrolls down and creates engagement with the content.

The prominent unit offered by Infolinks Media is their sticky adhesion unit, which can be displayed as either a 728×90 or a video slider.

Infolinks review on Contextual ads

Infolinks media review and infolinks reviews photo
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Infolinks has its own proprietary contextual market integrated along with header bidding and video demand, making the unit an extremely powerful monetization opportunity.

In text as units

In the text, units turn keywords into clickable ads. This is a totally brand-new source of revenue while maintaining user engagement.

Many publishers ignore that the actual keywords in their articles can be utilized as a monetization stream. This is a great opportunity to turn clicks into revenue across an entire network of contextual advertisers.

Infolinks review on Payment methods

  • 65% base revenue share
  • NET45 Payment Terms
  • PayPal minimum threshold is $50
  • Payoneer Compatible
  • ACH/Wire
  • eCheck

Infolinks are a useful option for websites that mostly consist of text. Infolinks is a wonderful advertising partner to have if your website has a lot of text and you want to make more money from your advertising efforts.

This contextual advertising network provides in-depth information pertaining to the monetization of traffic. They are keeping track of every click made on the advertising links inside the material.

Another important advertising network, Infolinks, caters to web publishers of all sizes, from the smallest to the most significant.

They have an internet presence that is more than 10 years old. Infolinks is a legitimate advertising network that meets its payment obligations to authors promptly.

There were more major rivals in the industry that eventually went out of business. Chitika Media was the most significant rival for moderately sized websites. Chitika was the first step for many smaller websites on their path to becoming profitable via advertising and income generation.

One of the disadvantages of using Infolinks media is that, in order to make a respectable amount of money, they want websites to have a significant volume of text as well as some level of consistent traffic. If you want to make a living off of the website, it has to have at least 1,000 visitors every single day.

For the majority of bloggers, increasing traffic has proven to be an insurmountable feat. On the other hand, maintaining consistency while also providing others with quality and enough information provides one with an advantage.

The traffic that comes from social media platforms is also quite crucial. If utilised effectively, social media can generate enough traffic to maintain a daily volume of 1,000 visitors.


When publishers are waiting for premium publishers, using Infolinks might help them pay the bills in the meantime. Infolinks makes use of contextual advertising. It is a business partner that Google has approved.

Infolinks will also show Google advertising on pages that get a significant amount of traffic. When you use Infolinks, you may anticipate earning money from either display advertisements or contextual ads.

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