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Publift is an advertising network based in Australia. It helps publishers with header bidding, brand protection, private marketplaces (PMPs), automatic reporting, and layout optimization. In this Publift review, we’ll look at the best places for you to get traffic from Australia, New Zealand, and Asia.

The advertising network provides publishers with full administration of the advertising stack. They handle over 4.5 billion impressions per month and have numerous publisher endorsements emphasizing the best of Publift.

Publift review on premium advertisers

They have hundreds of websites, including Envato, Weatherzone, Broadsheet, Ozbargain, Willyweather, Readers Digest, and many more.

Publift is a Google Certified partner and founded by ex Google workers who understood that publishers in the AU/NZ regions were not in any programmatic technology and needed a partner to come up in and increase their revenue.

The Publift website includes a frequently asked questions database as well as in-depth articles that explain how a publisher can get the most out of the website.

Publift review on ads

Publift has no low quality ads and protects publishers by ensuring only brand safe and premium advertisements show up in the ad units.

Publift review ads network
Publift review

They even have a tool called Adwizard, a chrome extension that allows publishers to block any ads that publisher don’t like in real time.

To become a publisher, you have to go through a quick screening process that looks at the quality and amount of traffic you get. The approval procedure takes one day to complete. Approximately one and a half weeks are required in order to set up all of your advertising units and connect demand to your website.

Publift review on Payment methods

Payment is done through a bank transfer in the currency of your choice. Google AdX revenue will be sent every 30 days, while earnings from all other ad networks binded to the ad request will take three months.

In order to submit an application for a Publift account, one needs a website that receives a significant amount of traffic and is hosted by a reliable provider. Have a stable hosting plan to have a faster website that will drive much traffic.

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