Why Jonathan Majors, the Ant Man, act the critical role in Loki’s “He who remains”

Jonathan Majors new Series with Loki

Jonathan Majors reports being the “He Who Remains in the season finale of Loki “the same post he was before as assigned in Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania.

In a conversation with Hollywood stars, Loki season one director Kate Herron exposed about finding Jonathan first, before Peyton Reed caught him for the upcoming third Ant-Man movie.

“It was such a crazy situation. I was in a casting conversation with Kevin Feige, the studio, and Peyton [Reed], and I was like how am I at this table?,” she shared with TheWrap.

“I think Jonathan was just an actor that we all loved. And, to be honest, it was just a case of seeing if he was interested, which he was and then just trying to make it work with his schedule because he’s a very busy man.”

Jonathan Majors Loki season finale
Jonathan Majors new movie 1

She said that when Jonathan Majors was added to ” He Who Remains” film as the character, wasn’t a version of Kang the Conqueror but turned into one because of the double casting.

Jonathan Majors new character

“He’s a unique character, there’s a character called He Who Remains in the comics, but our version of that is completely different. He’s a variant of that character,” Kate added.

The season finale not only revealed that Jonathan was He Who Remains film, but other exciting features accompanied.

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