Nollywood actress Juliet Ibrahim net worth grows from 2018, talks about body shaming

Nollywood actress Juliet Ibrahim

Ghanaian-born Nollywood actress Juliet Ibrahim opens up on her fight with body image and body shaming matters as her net worth move from $550,000 in 2019, $800,000 in 2020 to $1Million

She is among the richest celebrities in West Africa and in Africa at large.

According to the actress, she was frightened about her body especial the big booty part but explains she accepted that she is one of the most adorable women to emerge from Africa.

Talking to Ghana’s new talk show, Juliet Ibrahim had this to say;

Nollywood actress Juliet Ibrahim  net worth photo
Actress Juliet Ibrahim net worth

“In my book, I talked about the many struggles I have gone through.

” From Liberia to Lebanon, Ivory Coast, and Ghana, I endured the turmoil of wars across countries, being ripped away from my family and Hacks series actress Hannah Einbinder’s character Ava reveals Hacks season 2 behind the scenes losing memories.

” However, that is only the onset of my tale.

” I was a child with body-esteem questions, a teenager handling abuse in silence, a young woman making blunders in love and an adult uncovering cause to celebrate life,” Nollywood actress Juliet Ibrahim said.

Celebrities have emotions

“This is to make others mindful and to correct the misunderstanding about fame having it all.

Nollywood actress Juliet Ibrahim  net worth photo
Actress Juliet Ibrahim net worth photo

” Celebrities also break down. They break down badly with others attempting suicides.

” They have feelings and occasionally, they might not have it all.

Nollywood actress Juliet Ibrahim book

“My book aimed to empower every girl child that no matter their background, they can rise above it with hard work and determination,” Nollywood actress Juliet Ibrahim added.

The mother of two also pointed out that the most problematic part of being a celebrity was staying relevant and living up to the goals of one’s followers.

Nollywood actress Juliet Ibrahim  net worth photo
Actress Juliet Ibrahim net worth photos 1 1

” The most difficult aspects of being a celebrity are keeping up relevance, trying to enhance on what one does, and most particularly, living up to the objectives of one’s followers.

“I am a work in progress.

” I am human like everyone else and I try to always be a reasonable person.

“Giving up or vacating an action has never happened to me,’’ Nollywood actress Juliet Ibrahim posed.

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