5 Premier League players declare to be old professional gay players

English premier League gay players

Are you in Europe and wanted to understand the gay players in the Premier League who hit headlines of late? Viralate had a chat with EPl gay players and that can enlighten you why the rainbow colours symbol may soon hit England and other European clubs.

Multiple sources claim that two Premier League players are involved and have revealed their gender identities to their teammates and coworkers, even though they have not done so publicly.

Even though the board of directors and owners have been made aware of their romantic connection and they are open about being a gay couple in the locker room, the Premier League duo is reluctant to come out publicly.

The sources claim that individuals who are hesitant to speak out do this because they may focus on their careers rather than because of any feeling of shame. Additionally, the sources claim that the duo might reveal their identities at any time soon.


An identity disclosure by an LGBTQ Premier League football player is permitted, according to the English magazine. A former player for both England and the Premier League was considering becoming the first to come out in a TV documentary, according to a newspaper article from earlier this year. The former football player’s name has yet to be widely known.

In a statement made publicly, former England striker Gary Lineker was alleged to have intimately known two gay Premier League players.

Even though he urged them to reveal the identities of the two celebrities at the recently concluded 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar, Garry Lineker admitted that it was not within his purview to do so.

All things considered, this is a significant time for English football. To put it another way, it is “a massive step forward for gay players.”

Professional gay players

From 2008 through 2015, Thomas Beattie played football professionally. He was an English native who graduated from the Hull City youth system, but his career brought him to three other continents as he looked for his real self. He related this tale to Emily Kaplan.

“Our first game was in Myanmar when my team, Warriors FC in Singapore, made the Asian Champions League that year. In the stadium, there were 40,000 rocking spectators.

“I had chills just from the accumulation, from wearing the emblem on my shirt to observing the official Champions League song. I had dreams of performing on a stage like this as a little boy in northern England.

“I took the subsequent penalty when the game went to penalties. The distance from the pitch’s midway point seemed quite daunting.

“The whole world calmed down, focusing on me. Everything around me became a single ringing cacophony as a result of my blocking it out. I scored by moving to the keeper’s left. It was a huge accomplishment for myself and the team that we won the game.

“But I felt bare when we touched down in Singapore again. Because we had the following morning off, my roommates who lived with me wished to go out.

“I promised them I would take care of myself and maybe visit the gym. I couldn’t continue to lie this way. Normally, I’m quite outgoing, but I was starting to withdraw to avoid situations where I would be exposed. I have travelled the globe using this design as well.

EPL gay players in England
gay players in EPL

“I felt akin to the loneliest boy in the world as I sat on my bed and gazed up at the ceiling. I started crying, and I felt a paralysing torrent of emotions.

“My heart was racing at a thousand beats per minute, and every inch of my body seemed boiling. My arms were also tingling. Even though I knew in my heart that I was asking for the wrong thing, I hoped that I was going to get up and that everything would be gone. I had to pray for the courage to embrace who I am.

“It was odd since I was saying it publicly for the first time at precisely the right time. My voice could be heard, but it seemed like someone else was speaking.

“In the last five years, I’ve never felt more at ease with the whole of whoever I am, not just some aspects of who I am. I’ve found that the quest to conquer yourself has been the most freeing of all the things I’ve done or accomplished.

“I can now officially introduce myself to everyone by saying my name is Thomas Beattie. I’m a brother, son, friend, businessman, ex-pro player, and a gratingly competitive young man,” he added.

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