Badr Hari 1st popular African man with whopping 106 kickboxing wins

Badas! Badr Hari

Badas! Badr Hari is the only one known with many titles Kickboxer in Africa. Are you a Kickboxing fan and looking for the biggest fight night of the century? Moroccan boxer’s last match underway before retirement.

Badr Hari, a well-known Moroccan-Dutch kickboxing champion, is getting ready for his last competitive matches, displaying unrelenting talent and drive as he prepares to make a lasting impression in the ring.                                                                    

In a message published on his official Instagram page, Hari shared the news. The Moroccan champion posted, “@glorykickboxing WGP…ONE LAST TIME.” An emoji of the Moroccan flag is included with the message.

Hari will square off against English kickboxer and former mixed martial artist James Adam McSweeney in the forthcoming battle. The meeting is slated to occur on September 9 at the Dome de Paris.

Badr fight night

With more than ten years of experience competing in mixed martial arts (MMA) kickboxing, Hari’s most recent victory took place in 2015, when he defeated Dutch-Surinamese kickboxer Ismael Londt.

Nearly eight months have passed since Hari lost to Dutch kickboxer Alistair Overeem in the most recent contest. At the time, the Moroccan champion had said he was thinking of quitting and had wished his supporters goodbye in case he didn’t see them again.

According to a source from the Dutch news agency ANP, Hari said after the match against Overeem that he is “going to put an end to it” and that he is “considering a farewell.”

“If I never run into you again, Thank you so much for everything,” Hari said to his supporters after the game at Arnhem’s Gelredome.

Badr Hari stats

The Moroccan-Dutch athlete almost defeated Dutch kickboxer Hesdy Gerges in 2018, but his win was short-lived since he failed a drug test and lost the championship.

Badr Hari, the Moroccan boxer who knocked out Peter Aerts the the heavyweight champion is the only African with many Kickboxing awards in Africa.

Badr Hari is a Moroccan-Dutch Kickboxer. He’s a former K-1 Heavyweight Champion and known as his Showtime Heavyweight World Champion and 2008 and 2009 K-1 World Grand Prix finalist.

He has a Kickboxing record of 106 wins (92 by knockout) and 13 losses in 122 fights thus making him the only African to reach those titles since 2009.

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