Church of England says does not rely on 2000 plus years old text dumb Christianity

Church of England

The Church of England held a summit last week with bishops, clergy, and other people to look at church teaching and maybe change it.

As a result of this particular meeting, the national parliament resolved after two days of deliberation to let Anglican priests preside at same-gender weddings and weddings between heterosexual couples.

Even if gay and lesbian weddings are still banned in churches, blessings will still happen.

Many people are confused by the resolution, which was intended to represent a compromise after five years of discussion over the church’s position on human gender.

Will the church now bless the same “sinful” relationships that it condemns because it views same-gender unions as sinful behavior?

But that declaration was hardly the most startling thing to come out of the Church of England meeting.

The most important thing to come out of the church assembly was that some Church of England members want to make it illegal to refer to God with the pronouns He, Him, or Father. Instead, they want to use gender-neutral or feminine words.

Questions for the leaders might be submitted in writing by synod attendees. Reverend Joanna Stobart, an Anglican clergyman, inquired about the efforts being made to provide masculine pronouns in place of God.

Doctrine restructure

In particular, she wanted “to create more inclusive wording in our sanctioned liturgy.”

Michael Ipgrave, Bishop of Lichfield and Vice Chair of the Church’s Liturgical Commission, responded in a way that inspired those who supported the reform.

“We have been looking at the usage of gendered language in regard to God for a number of years with the Faith and Order Commission. “After the two commissioners talked about this for a long time, a new project on gendered language will start this spring.”

Even though the Church of England calls itself a Christian church, this movement seeks to determine whether the teachings of Christ should be embraced or rejected.

Possibly the most well-known and frequently read biography of any individual to have ever lived is that of Jesus Christ.

Christians believe that when Jesus was born, Mary, who is frequently referred to as “the mother of God,” was forever pure.

The Holy Spirit enabled her to conceive Jesus miraculously. Although some doubters have cast doubt on Mary’s virginity, there hasn’t historically been much valid discussion about her parents. Mary’s divinity has never been the subject of any real discussion.

Given the certainty of those two statements, it seems odd that Christians would start referring to God as “she” or “her.” ” If one thinks that Jesus was the son of God and that Mary was merely His mother and not God, then one might refer to God as “she.”

The words Jesus uttered, however, are what really count. He spoke much about his heavenly father. The first phrase of the Lord’s Prayer, which Christ taught us, is “Our Father.” He was unambiguous.

2000 years old text, Jesus was deceiving human race

“2000 years after the Savior’s death, assuming that we know better than him strikes me as being quite conceited; either Jesus was communicating the truth to us or else Jesus was purposely deceiving the whole human race,” clergy said.

“Doesn’t the idea that Jesus is the Son of God cause one to question whether or not he was speaking the truth when he spoke to the Father?”

By doing this, the Church of England puts itself in a difficult situation.

In an attempt to cater to the whims of members of their clergy and laity who are now impacted by modern society, they would wonder if Jesus, on whom their church is built, was mistaken. Ignore the Savior in order to suit the current societal narrative.

Church of England founder marriage issues

The fact that King Henry VIII’s personal problems with gender and marriage led to the creation of the Church of England is both ironic and probably not a coincidence.

In 1536, King Henry asked for his divorce from his wife so that he might wed his mistress. Because England was a Catholic country at the time, the Pope warned Henry that trading in his wife for a new one was wrong, even for a king.

Because the Pope refused to change the rules to suit them, Henry VIII and all of England left the Catholic Church. Instead, the King created his own religion, which allowed him to marry whoever he chose and live his life however he pleased.

In the process, following God and doing what is right got lost.

In 2023, the Church of England will once again be in this scenario. Instead of adhering to the 2,000-year-old text, the four Gospels that describe Christ’s life, or the teachings of Jesus, some liberal Christians choose to change the rules.

They want to modify this because it will be more convenient for them and what they want, just as King Henry VIII did.

Once again, devotion to Bible study and faithfulness to God are abandoned.

If the Church of England decides to ignore Jesus and talk about God without mentioning his or her gender, it will have given up its status as a Christian group.

What do you think?

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