Valueimpression review, a best ad network for publishers and bloggers 100%

Valueimpression review

Valueimpression review, the ad network is among the excellent advertising technology for premium publishers with a minimum of 100000 monthly page views.

Websites that have a monthly average of at least 100,000 pageviews are qualified to speak with a member of the Valueimpression team about enabling the site. My case study on value impression is a testimony.

Adsense has been the primary source of income for the past couple of years, but someone finally got around to reading the emails asking to integrate Value impression. After answering her emails, the integration started in the other entertainment blog.

Income skyrockets just a few months after ValueImpression is monetized. At a minimum, one month is required for Valueimpression to comprehend the website’s content and then optimize it to boost revenue.

Valueimpression review optimization

Valueimpression needs time to examine and then optimize the earning through improving ad performance. So it takes 20 to 30 days to increase the revenue.

During that period, the blog received approximately 4,000 to 10,000 page views per week through Adsense, resulting in earnings of approximately $20 to $35.

My earnings from Valueimpression for the very first day amounted to $7.97. This is a marginal improvement in revenue compared to what I made from AdSense in a single day. But wait for a minute. I have just explained to you that Valueimpression will require a few days to fully optimize and increase revenue.

Valueimpression review
Valueimpression review

Valueimpression review of initial earning

The earnings increased day by day until they tripled what they were earning in Adsense after a month.

Well, in October 2020, the weekly income never reached $80. This was because, during that month, they had taken a month to fully optimize everything and increase their revenue.

The total earnings in the first month of using Valueimpression were $350. Adsense is an entertainment blog, on the other hand, could earn between $100 and $150. So it was almost 3 times more than AdSense income in October.

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