6 Top Betting Sites in Kenya with the best Jackpot bonuses 2021

Top Betting Sites in Kenya

The most reliable Kenyan online sportsbooks with the most alluring jackpot bonuses. The betting sites are worth a lifetime prize. The jackpot is a sum that can completely transform one’s life, so no one will even bother to bet on it.

Below are the betting sites with the best jackpot prizes in Kenya. Next, we will be looking for the best gaming companies with the best jackpot bonuses in South Africa before looking at the United Kingdom. 

6. Sportybet

Sportybet has a 12leg jackpot with Sh 5,000,000 as the prize. There are several bonuses given. Bonuses are given from 10 correct legs. 

With a bigger number of winners, the bonuses reduce to as low as Sh 1000 per winner sometimes. Sportybet provides its customers with access to a wide variety of bonuses, one of which is a welcome bonus of one thousand shillings that is presented in the form of a gift.

5. Betlion

Betlion is the best gaming company in Kenya with the giant jackpot reward. The dubbed Goliath Jackpot has 20 legs valued at Sh 350,000,000 with all correct predictions. 

The number of bonus legs awarded by the company was decreased from 17 to 15. Beginning on April 1st, 2021, players who make the most accurate predictions will be eligible for a bonus of at least 500,000 shillings, and players who score 15, 16, 17, 18, 19 or higher will also share 50,000,000 shillings.

The Nigerian brand hit the Kenyan market with full force. The gaming platform has daily jackpots with the best payouts.

It is the first time that a gaming platform in Africa has offered such a massive jackpot prize. Betlion has two more free jackpots. Choose six teams, make your predictions, and select your dream team. Both offer significant winnings and bonus money.


Odibets has a new Mega Jackpot worth Sh105 million. It is one of the most popular online casinos, and its jackpot is one of the most lucrative available.

Odibets ranked among the Top Betting Sites in Kenya with an average fanbase.

Odibets Mega Jackpot bonus shall be divided equally among the Jackpot bonus winners, within the respective class.

The classes bonuses start with 0 matches won then, 12-16 Matches. Bonuses are given to those who lie in the respective classes.

Top Betting Sites in Kenya jackpot bonuses

3. Betika

The Betika platform is one of the best when it comes to jackpots, and some of the biggest betting sites in Kenya offer it. It has mid-week and Weekend jackpots. A player who invests just Sh 15 has the opportunity to win Sh 15 Million from the mid-week jackpot, which is comprised of 15 legs, in addition to bonuses from 12–14 matches, all for the low, low price of just Sh 15.

The mega jackpot is worth Sh100 million, with bonuses ranging from 12 to 16. The majority of players receive bonuses from 12 legs starting at Sh 5000.

2. Mozzartbet

The grand jackpot is among the top jackpots in Kenya. It has 20 legs, with bonuses beginning at 17 matches in the sequence. Players who correctly predict 17 events share a $5 million prize pool, while those who correctly predict 19 events win $ 60 million. The jackpot is valued at Sh 200 million. 

Mozzartbet is among the latest Top Betting sites in Kenya 2021. It has the greatest jackpot bonuses.

Super Jackpot valued at Sh 20 Million in 16 legs with bonuses starting from 13 matches. 13 correct predicted matches take Sh 500,000 and share equally among winners while 15 legs take Sh 6 Million.

Top Betting Sites in Kenya with best Jackpots bonuses
Top Betting sites in Kenya 2021 1
  1. Sportpesa

Sportpesa is the best platform in terms of jackpots. Its Jackpots are not static and keep on increasing. 

Sportpesa is among the Top Betting sites in Kenya. Has a huge fanbase than other platforms.

The jackpot for the middle of the week starts at 10 Million, and the jackpot for the weekend Mega Jackpot starts at 100 Million.

The prizes keep on increasing until a winner is found. It the only platform with the highest bonuses. 

Bonuses at Sportpesa are not shared but set a figure for each winner. It is hard for the bonuses to go below Sh 7,000 for the Mid-week jackpot and Sh 15,000 for Mega Jackpot.

The midweek bonus for the Sportpesa Mega Jackpot begins at 10 correct legs out of 13 and increases to 12 correct legs out of 13. The weekend bonus begins at 12 correct legs out of 17 and increases to 16 correct legs out of 17.

Top Betting Sites in Kenya

Sportpesa is among the giant betting companies in the world with its headquarters in the United Kingdom. 

The company Sportpesa was founded in Kenya, and despite some controversies involving the Kenyan revenue authority, it has achieved a great deal of commercial success.

SportPesa is a popular betting site that offers the best jackpot bonuses on all of its products. Sportpesa is at the top of betting sites in Kenya. 

Does anyone feel like trying in Jackpots? Sportpesa is the best. Getting a jackpot is a dream for everybody and it’s always easier if the player becomes a frequent jackpot bettor. 

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