2023-2024 List of betting sites in Kenya, Latest betting sites and old gaming platforms with bonuses

2021 List of betting sites in Kenya photo

2023 List of betting sites in Kenya. More than 50 different gaming brands are controlled by the Betting Control and Licensing Board (BCLB). The most recent online betting sites to launch in Kenya include betraha, betsafe, 22bet, betmoto, betpesa, flooks, bigpesa, betwinner, betafriq, and Playabet, among others.

Betraha is a Malta-based brand that was introduced in Kenya in 2020. It has garnered a huge following.

Flooks is a Kenyan brand with an enormous following over numerous bonuses and flexible jackpots.

The South African gaming platform Playabet is included on the 2023 list of betting websites available in Kenya. Playabet is regarded as one of the most successful new gaming sites. Playabet cemented its position as a household name by offering a number of different jackpots.

22bet and betsafe are international brands with wings in Kenya. The 2023 List of betting sites in Kenya is massively contributed because the country is a destination for many gaming platforms due to the ready market.

Betting has been also a source of income for many people in the country. However, it has contributed to many calamities like depression, an increased number of suicides among other factors.

However, the companies have also transformed the communities by initiating different projects across the country. Others sponsored local teams and clubs which boosted talent search countrywide.

2023 updated List of betting sites in Kenya

Below is a 2023 list of betting sites in Kenya and other betting platforms. Both new and old brands are indicated.

No.Company nameLicense numberTrading name
1Shop & Deliver Ltd.0000179BetikaRenewed
2Zumandu Ltd.0000180Bet LionRenewed
3Sahara Game Technology Ltd0000181Sahara GamesRenewed
4Lucky Bet Ltd.0000182Lucky BetRenewed
5Bet Mbao Ltd0000183Pitch90 BetRenewed
6Equilibrium Technologies Ltd.0000184Rafiki BetRenewed
7Kareco Holdings Ltd.0000185Odi BetsRenewed
8Down Town Bets Ltd.0000186Bet SafiRenewed
9Infinite Worlwide Holdings Ltd.0000189FlooksRenewed
10Tekonstruct Ltd0000190Jambo BetRenewed
11Cheza Gaming Ltd.0000191HelabetRenewed
12Solami 0000192Kwik BetRenewed
13Supa Bet Kenya Ltd.0000193Insta BetsRenewed
14Nuntis Holdings Ltd0000194TonnybetRenewed
15Pesabets Ltd.000019522betsRenewed
16Gametosha Limited0000196MelbetRenewed
17Croissance Ltd.0000197Tripple5BetRenewed
18Betwin Ltd.0000198ScorepesaRenewed
19Asian Betting0000199DafabetRenewed
20Nestbit Ltd.0000200PlaymasterRenewed
21Risecom Limited0000202Sure BetRenewed
22Lucky To You Ltd.0000203Lucky2URenewed
23Infiniti Capital Ltd.0000204Cheza CashRenewed
24Milestone Limited0000205Milestone BetCancelled
25Playco Technologies Ltd.0000206ShabikiRenewed
26White Rhino0000207Supa5Renewed
27Rabow Co. Limited0000208BangbetRenewed
28Albertyne Ltd.0000209Bet 254Renewed
29Afreeken Technology Ltd0000210GimbetRenewed
30Bet High (k) Ltd0000212BetsafeRenewed
31Silicon Solutions Ltd.0000213SpotikaRenewed
32Sekunde Technologies Ltd0000214BetvivaRenewed
33Betafriend Ltd.0000215PlayabetRenewed
34Two Tie Ltd.0000216Bet RahaRenewed
35World Sports Betting Ltd.0000217World Sports BettingRenewed
36Kizuka Na Michezo Ltd.0000218Bet MotoRenewed
37Mozzart Bet Ltd.0000219MozzartbetRenewed
38Atari Gaming Ltd0000220Atari Pro 5Renewed
39Wessjaygee Ltd.0000221AlubetRenewed
40Kenya Charity Sweeptake0000222KCS SportsRenewed
41Galaxy Betting Ltd.0000223BungabetRenewed
42Bet Palace Ltd.0000224Bet PalaceRenewed
43DPM Investments Ltd.0000225PangabetRenewed
44Play Hub Ltd.0000226Bet PesaRenewed
45Socialcom Ltd0000227Ligi BetRenewed
46Envisage Multimedia Ltd0000228Sasa BetRenewed
47Kenya Sports Bet Ltd0000229Kenya Sports BetRenewed
48Betran International Ltd0000230Jaza BetRenewed
49G & P Trading Co.0000232AfribetRenewed
50Kensen Ltd.0000233Bongo BongoRenewed
51Oysterbay Lotto Limited0000234PowerbetsRenewed
52EMV Investment Ltd 0000236PrimebetNew
53Killarney Holdings Ltd.0000237NoviBetRenewed
54Percap Limited0000238Wekelea BetRenewed
55Stonewood Enterprises Ltd.0000239Bet SureRenewed
56Guci Holdings Company Limited0000240YambetRenewed
57Sporty Bet Ltd.0000241Sporty BetRenewed
58NZ World Kenya Ltd.0000242Big PesaRenewed
59Champion Bet Limited0000244Champion BetRenewed
60Capital Gaming0000245M-betRenewed
61Acumen Communications Ltd0000248MChezaRenewed
62Maty Moty Company Limited0000249Maty MotyRenewed
63Mopa Investments Limited0000250InbetNew
64Lyle Kenya Limited0000251Starbet New
65Bluejay Ltd.0000252BetwayRenewed
66Gamepesa Limited0000253GamepesaNew
67Grey Holdings Limited0000254ChapapapRenewed
68Bet Vantage Limited0000255Bet VantageRenewed
69Cotes Du Rhone Limited0000256BetkenRenewed
70Elamaj Limited0000258Betstar New
71Apuesta (K) Limited0000259KiliBetNew
72Advanced Innovations Limited0000260PalmsbetRenewed
73Express Gaming Limited0000261Express GamingRenewed
74Cheza Hela Company Limited0000262Cheza PamojaNew
75Immensity Holdings Limited0000263PatapataNew
76Soipan Limited0000264Sheba BetNew
77Fat Chance Africa Ltd0000265COLA.KENew
78OPM Gaming Ltd 0000266Millionaires SportsbetRenewed
79Happy Feet Technologies Limited0000267SafebetNew
80Entertainment Network Group ltd0000268BetkingRenewed

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