Huba Swahili Series becomes Outstanding swahili telenovela via Lulu Hassan Jiffy Media

Huba Swahili Series

Huba Swahili Series becomes the longest broadcasted Swahili telenovela through Lulu Hassan and Rashid Abdalla Jiffy Media house.

Royal Media presenters Rashid Abdalla and Lulu Hassan changed the media scene with best Swahili telenovela from elite entertainers.

From Maisha Magic Bongo, Huba is a Tanzanian Swahili series with two feuding families whose worlds collide in their quest for power, money and love.

Huba Swahili Series

While money and greed become the only answer to their everyday problems, true love depicts the picture of survival

Released in 2017, Huba is the longest-running Swahili series produced in Tanzania and now the most famous and favourite TV show among Swahili speaking fans across East Africa.

Huba features numerous Bongo veteran actors including; Muhogo Mchungu, Fatuma Makongoro, Mboto Haji, Abdul Ahmed aka Ben Blanco.

Huba Swahili Series actors/actresses

An award-winning Tanzanian singer-songwriter Nandy (first female musician in East Africa to garner 10 million views on Youtube) join the team in a leading role. 

Huba Swahili Series

She plays a singer who must learn to open her heart to love again after a painful betrayal.

Huba is executive produced by Lulu Hassan through her production company Jiffy Pictures. Jiffy Pictures has other Swahili series such as Kovu, Maza  Maria, Aziza and Moyo.

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