How to create a betting site from scratch with limited resources

How to create a betting site

How to create a betting site step by step and maximize profits. Creating a betting site involves programming or a modular view for white label.

Building software for the gambling business is not common development, since uniformity, licensing and reliability of software developers play a significant part.

Players need confidence and security that their money will not be stolen, the chance of winning will not be jeopardized and developers will implement the precise level of protection against hacking and/or unauthorized intrusion.

That is why using development services from well-known development companies is recommended.

For online sports betting, custom development is recommended as it allows the owner to implement additional functions. It is also useful in terms of marketing.


How to create a betting site step by step

How to create a betting site step by step? It can be a customized solution, White label or licensee approach.

A White Label. The sharing cost ranges from 10 to 350 thousand dollars. The only expensive options include the site itself (a template with a limited ability to customize the design and functionality), application, payment processing and promotion. 

The site guidance created using the main software theme. In return, a certain percentage of gross income or profit to the main software holder. 

As a beginner or starter in the gambling business, white label is considered the best option to run a site on a limited budget.

Developing betting site duration 90 days, 1 hour and 1 minute

Custom Development

Completely customized solution. The development of this type of solution is expensive. Website development cost 80−100 thousand dollars (+ the same amount per mobile application). 

The custom development is worth as it gives full control of the process and the owner of the program code.


Become a Licensee Licensee. How to create a betting site step by step using a licensee feature is not applicable.

The most budgetary path to meet the amount of from 5 to 60 thousand dollars. 

This means working under someone else’s license as an agent to attract customers in exchange for a certain commission on their expenses. That’s is, engaging in marketing and traffic to another site.

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