What tourists envy at Nungwi Aquarium, Zanzibar where people swim with turtles

Nungwi Aquarium

After putting her pants down to swim with turtles at Nungwi Aquarium, Zanzibar, turtles did something incredibly.

Nungwi, Zanzibar, Tanzania has the only turtle pool in the world. Tourists at the pool swim with turtles.

Nungwi Aquarium area has several hotels to spend enough time swimming with the turtles.

“My trip to Zanzibar was amazing where I was swimming with the friendly turtles at the Baraka Natural Aquarium on Nugwi Beach in the north of Zanzibar.

What’s Unique at Nungwi Aquarium

“The aquarium is a tiny natural pond – a cavern, which toils as a sanctuary for the turtles.

Nungwi Aquarium, Tanzania
Nungwi Aquarium natural 1

“The conservancy gets turtles which have been accidentally caught in fishing nets and gives them a chance to recuperate before being released into the open ocean again, ” a tourist narrated her experience at the turtle swimming sanctuary.

The place is said to be safe and experts say, the water surrounding it has healing effects and softens skin.

Swimming at the pond with turtles cures depression.

Nungwi Aquarium Zanzibar
Nungwi Aquarium Zanzibar 1

“What attracted me to this place was the fact that I would be able to swim with these gentle animals. They come very close and it was a bit odd in the beginning to feel them brush up against me, ” she added.

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