Are celebrity cruises good? Celebrity cruise ships all-inclusive and the best

celebrity cruises

A traveller, George Robert, narrates from Macedonia. I perused many of the Cruise Professional reviewers before deciding on the ship. Celebrity Cruises are good. All the bad reviews that mentioned how poorly maintained the ship was worried me. Simply said, this is untrue.

The amazing Celebrity Solstice. No matter how hard I looked, I couldn’t find any signs that this ship was getting old. I would have believed you if you had told me that this ship was just two years old. This ship is really beautiful in every way!

The cabin, the staff, the cuisine (mainly), the pools (particularly the Solarium), the entertainment, and the casino were all excellent. Although that appears to be the case with every cruise company, the internet and apps weren’t fantastic.

Celebrity cruises pleasure

I’ve taken cruises with Celebrity, Cunard, Princess, and Holland America. A surprise was the buffet at the Ocean View Cafe. I never saw any lengthy queues because of the excellent flow created by the many food kiosks.

I especially like the specially designed food booths for omelettes, Caesar salads, eggs benedict, spaghetti, and pancakes (sweet and savoury). The dinner rolls were fluffy instead of hard pebbles like on previous cruises, and the baked products were excellent. Fresh pizzas were prepared in the open straight away.

It was a little surprising to see so many options for Indian cuisine. There are also many healthy choices. It was nice to see a staff member holding a bottle of hand sanitiser at the front door. The same was true in the main dining room.

Are celebrity cruise ship kid friendly?

It was nice to see a staff member holding a bottle of hand sanitiser at the front door. Most of the Celebrity cruises are kids friendly.

The same was true in the main dining room. Very elegant fixtures were used in the public restrooms. The rolled-up cotton towels for hand drying were a pleasant touch. The auditorium was stunning and had no ageing issues. The celebrity cruise ship was decorated with exquisite, modest art.

The artwork was brilliantly presented and lighted, and there was almost too much of it. The workout facility was lovely and immaculate.

Are celebrity cruises all-inclusive?

celebrity cruises
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Thankfully, the music wasn’t pumped in. If you can believe it, the Celebrity Solstice’s upper deck features more than half an acre of actual grass. The Law “Club” is the name of this spot, and it is spotless.

Visitors use it for relaxing, playing bocce, watching TV on a big outdoor screen, and putting. On any other ship, I’ve never seen this. The private balconies and swimming pools were lovely and crowded. Discovery was the indoor solarium.

Even on the warmest days outdoors, the air conditioning kept it cool and serene inside. The pool towels from Italy were soft. It was great having the Mast Grill over the pool.

The “Celebrity Burger” was the finest outdoor pool meal I’ve ever tasted; it was yummy. The Spa Cafe, next to the Solarium pool, offers exclusively smoothies and healthy options. Even though not every item was free, they were all excellent.

The service complemented the magnificent décor of the main dining room. Even the tender dinner rolls were extremely delicious. Unique eateries: The Tuscan Grill was excellent, although the portion size was nearly excessive.

The tomato burrata salad was delicious, and my ribeye steak was excellent. The pastries were quite creative (fig gelato with shaved white chocolate, pistachio creme brulee).

The North Macedonian who served us was kind and informed. The most creative and enjoyable supper I’ve ever had was at Le Petit Chef on the celebrity cruises.

This dynamic, slightly elevated method of serving a course dinner is difficult to convey.
Look for other people’s uploaded videos on YouTube. A few images are included with this evaluation. The price was reasonable, and the meal was excellent.

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