La Familia Actress Tunu Mbegu speaks on her best drawing gift with acting


La Familia Actress Tunu Mbegu speaks on her visual artist talent at Tunu arts journey with acting. Tanzania La Familia series actors have been trending over the new Maisha magic bongo Swahili telenovela.

Creative Lab Production Manager, Tunu Mwinyimbegu who is among the founders of Bando la Kicheko founders in 2020 now steers La Familia series with Maxi Rioba.

La Familia Actress Tunu is also a talented visual artist with her work featured nationally. She was recognized for painting best the creative arts since in campus.

Tanzania La Familia Actress Tunu Mbegu vision

Before coming to the entertainment industry, Tunu admired and had a vision of becoming the best scientist in Tanzania.

La Familia Actress Tunu Mbegu photo and family

However, her dream diminished after seeing her future in the entertainment industry.

Playing as Violet in La Familia, she has featured as strictly person with deep secrets in the sark world.

La Familia Actress Tunu Mbegu has a degree in arts and design with fine arts at a higher level. The painter is also the founder of Tunu arts.

La Familia Actress Tunu Mbegu photo

” You are never too old to set another goal or dream a new dream. But do not be too relaxed if you have not attained your dreams,” La Familia Actress Tunu Mbegu said.

“Acting is a hobby. My dream is though still valid. The entertainment industry is growing for the better. I will grow with it despite doing other activities,” she added.

La Familia Actress Tunu Mbegu

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