Huba Series Actress Rose Donatus Ndauka shares her joy, new baby boy

Actress Rose Donatus Ndauka Bongo 1 Rose Donatus Ndauka

After missing the screens for a quite long time, Deception Movie actress Rose Donatus Ndauka bounces back with good news.

The Huba Series actress posted her baby boy Haleem on social media showing how glorious and happy she was.

Her husband Haffiyy Mkongwa who is also the CEO or HRD company surprised his second-born with a new mansion.

” A gift we have in 2020……y? thanx Allah for this, ” he said.

 Actress Rose Donatus Ndauka

The Bongo legend actress said that a new series is in making and 2021 will be the year to watch.

Actress Rose Donatus Ndauka Message

” Thank God for giving me the Gift. I’m just waiting for my son to have some weeks before getting back to the screens with a new series, ” she said.

However, she declined to give the title.

Huba fans are still waiting for her comeback.

 Actress Rose Donatus Ndauka

The actress Rose Donatus Ndauka has been in the screens since 2008 with a famous Bongo movie legend, the late Steven Kanumba.

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