Director Jacob Stevens declares new hot Series Haikufuma and Single Mama after Slay queen

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Where is Jacob Stevens alias Kasongo on the Magic Bongo series Slay Queen?

Following their departures from the SlayQueen and Single Mama series, the Bongo series, and movies at Jerusalem Film Company, director Jacob Stevens and Mtitu G studios boss W. J. Mtitu will return with two new hot series airing on local channels in addition to Magic Bongo.

Jacob Stevens series

Haikufuma and Missed Targets series are on the road ahead of the 2021 entertainment

Jacob Stevens
Jacob Stevens 1

Jacob Stevens has lined up several episodes ready for the upcoming series. 

” Wiki nzima hii nilikuwa nashinda na ma editor kuhakikisha #haikufuma inakuwa ya kipekee, ” he said. (The whole week, I have been with editors to make sure #Haikufuma series is unique)

“Nafurahi kukwambia nakuletea tamthilia mpya yenye waigizaji wa kiwango cha kimataifa…Haikufuma, ” he added. (I’m happy to tell you that a series is on the way with international-level actors)

“Tayari nimeanza mazungumzo na vituo mbali mbali natumai kabla Dec haijaisha nitakujuza wapi itaruka, ” he added. (Already, I have begun discussions with different channels and before the end of December, I will tell you where it will be aired).

Haikufuma on DSTV Magic bongo

Jacob Stevens’s haikufuma was being aired on Azam but later migrated to the Tanzania main Television station TBC with ITV.

It did not make much time online. Later slayqueen, Single Mama hit the screens for long.

Jacob Stevens-led series have been unpredictable and always rake fans despite having short time on the screens.

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