How abusive family decision ruined Citizen TV Machachari best Actor Baha

How abusive family decision ruined How abusive family

How abusive family decision ruined Citizen TV Machachari Actor Baha real name actor Tyler Kamau Mbaya and his girlfriend helped him get relieved.

Machachari actor Tyler Kamau Mbaya alias Baha opens up on settling down with Georgina Njenga Njeri after relatives tussle.

Below 25 years, Baha says he has made up his mind that the time has come for him to settle. Despite critics from the family and relatives that he was too young to settle down.

How abusive family decisions ruined

” I made my decision based on what I feel, not what others feel. I have been through tough times with my mother. I think the only time for me to relax is when I’m settled with the love of my life, ” he explained.

” She helped me get out of depression, ” he added.

“I moved to be a photographer and a singer, now it is a hobby. Citizen Tv cancelled our Machachari show and we thank God for what he has done for us up to this level, ” he added.

How abusive family
Baha 1

Baha now wants to be happy with girlfriend Njeri, he had to show the world.

” Nothing beats the Feeling When we take Selfies, ” posted on Instagram.

” Honestly I’d Gun For You Mama Coz you Rock My World Baby Girl ?❤️ Got me thinking of how we Solid Like Guns N’ Roses, ” he added.

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