Happy Birthday Maria – What emotional Citizen TV Presenter Lulu Hassan said on Yasmine Said day

Happy Birthday Maria said Happy Birthday Maria

Happy Birthday Maria – What emotional Citizen TV Presenter Lulu Hassan said on Yasmine Said birthday that made fans drop-down tears ?

It’s now the next chapter for Yasmine Said alias Maria on the Citizen Television Maria series. 

Happy Birthday Maria

Maria posted on Instagram on her birthday celebration while other maria series actors congratulating her on comments.

Happy Birthday Maria messages

Timeless Noel, Bridget Shigadi, Lulu Hassan and Rashid Abdalla congratulated her journey in acting pledging to support her in all her endeavors.

” I wondered today what to say to you. I thought long and hard what you tell a young girl who is selfless, hardworking, a giver, a joy to be around, ” Lulu Hassan posted.

” What does one say to someone with such resilience, such power, the discipline you display makes me wonder, what if we had more and more of Yasmine’s around us?, ” she added.

” Then it hit me. Your name, Yasmine is a flower. You blossom and refresh. You give so much of yourself it is hard to ignore your presence. There is a way you make life so effortless on and outside of the set, ” 

“You, Yasmine, you are destined for great heights. And I will be here to hold you, to walk with you. I am here if you ever need me.

“On this day as you turn a day older, do not forget what you are. A flower. May your blossom always be as bright, may you always know sufficient grace as you turn a year older.

” Yasmine, our Maria, happy birthday baby girl. @yasmeen_saiedi we love you, ” she concluded.

Happy Birthday Maria

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