Create Quality Articles in Minutes: Rankmath Content AI’s Magic

Discover the power of Rankmath Content AI and effortlessly generate quality articles for your blog. Create engaging content in minutes.

Are you interested in effortlessly creating content for your blog? Are you stuck with keywords and wondering how to create an article from the ones you have? Let’s walk together with Rankmath Content AI, which can help you generate content for your website in minutes.

Discover the power of Rankmath Content AI and effortlessly generate quality articles for your blog. Create engaging content in minutes.

Rankmath Content AI benefits

First, there are a bunch of AI content generation tools online, but this rank-based AI tool has several benefits.

  1. You can use your keywords to generate an SEO title, optimise visibility, and generate organic traffic.
  2. It saves time in generating content. With the keywords, you can look for blog post ideas and get a workflow for your content in minutes.
  3. Well-directed content creation helps in getting to the top rank in SERPS as the content edited is plagiarism-free.
  4. It helps in quickly marketing content with social media content generation tools that will speed up and engage audiences with engaging content.
  5. No grammar mistakes. A grammar checker is embedded and can help ensure that your content has no grammatical mistakes.
  6. All are in one plugin. There is no need to install many plugins and increase blog files, leading to bloating.

What is in Rankmath Content AI and how do I use it?

Rankmath Content Ai is a tool that helps you research keywords and gives intelligent suggestions for focus keyword optimisation as well as generating content for your website.

There are several tools and features in Rankmath content AI, we are going to learn them step by step.

Blog post idea

Do you have your keywords? Now let’s begin generating content. You can get keywords for your blog topic at for free.

Describe the content you want to generate in one sentence, with keywords included in the sentence. Choose who you want to read your content—the target audience—and the style of getting the content to them, i.e., tone, style, and language, then hit generate.

Rankmath Content AI target audience
Rankmath Content AI

Content AI will give you several ideas of what you can write about and also include your keywords. Content AI will give you suggestions of the type of content that you can write that goes well with the target audience.

Content and topic research can also help in getting an analysis of what you want to create with trends, history, and suggestions of what to include in your ideas.

Blog Outline

How do you get the topics for your content? Rankmath content AI will give you several topics that will resonate with the idea you created in the first place.

The most important and critical part is getting the blog skeleton together. The blog outline is the skeleton for your blog post and requires a good and chronological layout to engage your audience.

Enter your preferred idea that includes your key word as above stated. Then write several points related to the keyword. Now enter the focus keyword here, long tail keyword, with the style of your content and generate your blog skeleton.

Introduction to blog post

Creating an introduction is a simple and direct process. Input the desired concept generated in the initial section that includes your keyword. Include the focus keyword and content style, then click on generate. Rankmath content AI will produce an introduction consisting of up to 100 words.

 Content Ai Paragraphs

Currently, Rankmath Content AI works well with medium paragraphs and it is advisable to generate one at a time to avoid repetitions.

Writing paragraphs is easy. Under Topic, Enter one after another blog outline as topic and generate content. By using the blog outline generated, you are sure of having a flow of content in the blogpost. 

Creating paragraph using Rankmath content AI
Paragraph Rankmath Content AI

Sentence Expander (Write More)

Sometimes you see smaller paragraphs, and you may consider adding more content to them. Using sentence expander extends your paragraphs to the desired length. Make sure to paste the first part of the paragraph on the sentence expander with the focus keyword and expand your sentences as well as paragraphs.

Rankmath content Ai Conclusion

The most important part of the whole article is the conclusion. In conclusion, you expect people to either buy your product, comment, sign up for an event or newsletter, or do anything else that will make them accomplish something on the site.

Writing a conclusion has never been easy. With Rankmath Content AI, you can add your call to action and generate it together with your keywords.

Content Ai Post Title

To generate the best post title with cracking a nut, use the text summarizer first. The best thing I found to work well is by pasting all the content generated in text summariser (original text). Then use the summarized text in the post title brief.

Select the size of the post title. Good titles must have words between 6-12 words with focus keyword included.

To get good organic traffic after getting the post title, move to SEO title, paste your title under post tile , add focus keyword and your post summary and hit generate. The tile given here can be used on the blog post as post title and is highly optimised for SEO traffic generation. 

Wrapping UP

It is also good to generate an SEO description and add it to the conclusion or introduction part. SEO description is good if it is also found within the content and not only in the meta. Do not forget to fix your grammar after completing your blog post.You can use content AI block and fix your grammar.

Rankmath Content AI grammar check block
Rankmath Content AI block

The most important places to make sure your keywords are included are the post title, introduction, one or two sub-headings, meta description, and conclusion.

Make sure you do not overuse the keyword, as it may lead to keyword stuffing. A keyword is what people will type when searching for your content.

Things to Note

Write the keyword as if you were the one searching your content on a search engine. Generate content, edit, enhance, read, add a call to action, and make sure it goes well with the target audience.

Please feel free to leave a comment below or share this great content to make other bloggers spend less time but get more engaging and resourceful content.

If you do not have Rankmath Content AI, download Rankmath and sign up now below.

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