How does Rank Math IndexNow Api feature work? Get your content indexed instantly

George Get your content indexed instantly with IndexNow Rank Math IndexNow

Rank Math IndexNow for SEO instant indexing ability. Top WordPress SEO plugin Rankmath published a new feature on the Rank Math and Rank Math PRO that supports Bing’s IndexNow.

The Rank Math team also added other performance improvements. Rank Math is the lightest SEO plugin in WordPress.

That means, websites can now get modifications to their context discovered and indexed faster with IndexNow.

What is IndexNow

IndexNow is is new protocol submitted by Microsoft Bing and Yandex – that works on the basis of instant pinging search engines as soon as the content is posted, updated or removed on a website.

Rank Math clients have something to smile after getting the benefits of Rank Math IndexNow all without complications of configuring anything.

Just after activating the Instant Indexing module, you’ve set which post types you aspire to automatically submit for indexing. That’s all.

Discover more about IndexNow and it’s guide in developing the important module.

As always, Rank Math highly propose updating Rank Math & Rank Math PRO on all websites as soon as possible – to reap all latest releases, bug-fixes, and be the first to test out new features.

IndexNow is Microsoft and Yandex’s impressive initiative to crawl sites efficiently so that they can decrease the crawl footprint.

Already numerous engines have accepted the IndexNow protocol.

How does Rank Math IndexNow feature work
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How does it work

The protocol works by enabling websites to submit URLs to the IndexNow API once, and it would be transferred to all the participating search engines.

A client only need to submit the site changes and URLs once, and all the participating search engines will be familiar with the latest modifications on your site, to crawl, index, and reproduce these changes quickly to the search results.

Rank Math IndexNow automatically creates an API key for your website, dynamically hosts it on your website, and serves it to the search engines.

The writer don’t have to go through all the annoyance and rather focus more on creating and managing the content on the website.

How to configure Rank Math IndexNow API feature

Go to WordPress Dashboard > Rank Math > Dashboard > Modules and enable the Instant Indexing module.

That will activate the IndexNow feature in the search engines.

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