Easy Techniques to Make Content Viral: Key Elements, Examples, and Challenges (2023)

How to Make Content Viral

How do make your content go viral? Let us learn techniques to make content viral, viral marketing, key elements of viral social media content, humour and trend integration, unique brand voice, consider platform and audience, collaboration with influencers, effective hashtag usage, real-life examples of viral marketing in 2023 and benefits and challenges of viral marketing.

Learn the techniques necessary to make your content go viral in 2023. This article discusses the key elements for successful viral content, real-life examples of brands that have achieved viral success, and the benefits and challenges of viral marketing. Implement these strategies to increase your chances of going viral.

Techniques to Make Content Viral


In the digital age, viral marketing has become a highly sought-after strategy for brands to gain widespread exposure. This article will explore the techniques necessary to make content go viral in 2023. We will discuss the definition of viral marketing, key elements for successful viral content, and real-life examples of brands that have achieved viral success. Additionally, we will examine the pitfalls of viral marketing and provide tips on how to navigate them. By following these techniques and implementing them in your marketing campaigns, you can increase the chances of your content going viral.

What is Viral Marketing?

Viral marketing, also known as word-of-mouth marketing, is when your audience or users voluntarily share, distribute, or talk about your product, content, or brand. This form of marketing aims to spread organically through social media platforms and other online channels, creating a snowball effect as more and more people engage with the content. The term “going viral” refers to the rapid and widespread dissemination of this content from person to person on the Internet.

How do make your content go viral? Let us learn techniques to make content viral, viral marketing, key elements of viral social media content, humour and trend integration, unique brand voice,
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Key Elements of Viral Social Media Content

To create viral social media content, there are several key elements that brands should consider:

1. Humor and Trend Integration

Combining humour with popular trends can greatly increase the chances of content going viral. Brands like Scrub Daddy have successfully integrated humour into their content by jumping on popular trends, such as adding a dancing John Cena into their videos. By keeping up with viral trends and incorporating them into your content, you can create a sense of relatability and entertainment that resonates with your audience.

2. Unique Brand Voice

Developing a unique brand voice that sets you apart from competitors is essential for viral success. Brands like Duolingo have mastered the art of chaotic viral content by creating a distinct tone of voice. By dancing to trending sounds or reporting on pop culture news in a hilarious way, Duolingo has solidified its brand voice and become a viral sensation.

3. Consider Platform and Audience

When developing viral social media content, it’s crucial to consider the platform and audience you are targeting. The Washington Post, for example, uses its TikTok page to appeal to a different audience by posting funny skits about breaking news stories. By understanding the unique features and audience of each platform, brands can tailor their content to maximize engagement and potential virality.

4. Collaborate with Influencers

Incorporating famous influencers into your marketing campaign can help promote viral content. However, it’s important to choose influencers that align with your brand’s goals and message. For example, the password-managing app 1Password partnered with Ryan Reynolds to create a hilarious ad campaign about online privacy. By selecting the right influencer who resonates with your target audience, you can increase the chances of your content going viral.

5. Effective Hashtag Usage

Using correct hashtags or creating your own can help spread your message and engage with your audience. For instance, the footwear company Crocs created the hashtag #CrocTok, which has gained over four million views. By creating brand-specific hashtags and leveraging original sounds, brands can increase the chances of their content going viral through hashtag trends.

Real-Life Examples of Viral Marketing in 2023

Here are six examples of viral marketing campaigns in 2023 that have successfully captured the attention of audiences:

1. Kraft’s Spoon-Eating Canadian Audience

Kraft adapted its marketing strategy to reflect the fact that thirteen million Canadians eat macaroni and cheese with a spoon. By creating a specific product for its spoon-eating Canadian audience, Kraft generated buzz and engaged with its target market.

2. Gigi Hadid’s Viral TikTok Recipe

Brands like Barilla and McCormick jumped on Gigi Hadid’s viral TikTok recipe trend to launch limited-edition pasta sauces. These brands capitalized on an already popular trend and appealed to the TikTok demographic, resulting in a successful viral marketing campaign.

3. Dove’s #TurnYourBack Campaign

Dove’s #TurnYourBack campaign empowered users to turn their backs on damaging beauty filters, particularly TikTok’s Bold Glamor filter. By tapping into its target audience’s strong social values and creating a personal message, Dove created a powerful viral campaign.

4. Uber Eats’ Ramadan Campaign

Uber Eats launched a Ramadan campaign that resonated with Muslim consumers. By updating billboards daily to reflect the exact time of sundown and showcasing signature Iftar dishes, Uber Eats aligned itself with its Muslim audience and generated viral success.

5. DDB New Zealand’s “Correct the Internet” Campaign

DDB New Zealand addressed gender biases in search engine results with its “Correct the Internet” campaign. By shining a light on overlooked female athletes and tackling a sensitive topic, DDB New Zealand created a viral campaign that resonated with its target audience.

6. Virgin Atlantic’s “See the World Differently” Campaign

Virgin Atlantic’s “See the World Differently” campaign aimed to create a more inclusive environment for both crew and passengers. By empowering customers and crew to be their authentic selves, Virgin Atlantic’s ad garnered attention and went viral.

The Benefits and Challenges of Viral Marketing

Viral marketing offers numerous benefits for brands, including increased brand exposure, multiplied impressions and engagement on social media channels, and the potential to build a positive brand image. Additionally, press coverage often accompanies viral content, providing organic exposure and publicity. However, viral marketing is not without its challenges. Brands must carefully navigate sensitive topics, avoid offensive content, and plan campaigns meticulously to avoid potential backlash and damage to their reputation.


In conclusion, viral marketing remains a relevant and effective strategy for brands to gain exposure and engagement in 2023. By incorporating humour and trend integration, developing a unique brand voice, considering the platform and audience, collaborating with influencers, using effective hashtags, and learning from real-life examples, brands can increase the chances of their content going viral. However, it’s important to remember that viral success is unpredictable, and authenticity and careful planning are crucial. By implementing these techniques and strategies, brands can improve their chances of achieving viral marketing success in the digital age of 2023.

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