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2 cases where Men reject a marriage proposal but Women consider it as “Insecurity”

2 cases where Men reject a marriage

A Man rejects a marriage proposal in two cases, but women consider them “insecure.” The women think that he is insecure. What does this mean in general?

Have you ever thought about myths and superstitions that can make a Man insecure?

Just from a family perspective, Men can be very insecure due to long-gone myths.

My sister’s friend got rejected for a marriage proposal because her second toe is longer than her big toe, and girls with such a “condition” are considered dominating and bold.

So how often does the guy stand up to family members and go against their decision? Is it considered self-insecurity?

2 cases where Men reject a marriage

Whether during the Rishta period or after marriage when they’re bullying the bahu?

Some men check eyes, ears, nose, hands, feet, walk, lips, literally everything.

They ask weird questions. If it is not like buying and selling of people then what is?

This Indian Rishta system is gross and so are people involved in it. It shouldn’t offend you if you are not an idiot like me.

And what about those men, whose only contribution to earth is being born and only to be a father to their children?

So, to ensure that their lives are not ruined in the hands of such bunglers, men need to do a microscopic analysis beforehand.

A friend of mine also got rejected by the guy’s sister because she has acne on her face.

The sister said they can come in six months if she can fix her skin.

Supposed love is just the marriage. However, the guy didn’t say anything thereafter.

But in the United Kingdom, this is such a widespread superstition.

Marriage proposal - What is behind her second toe being longer than her big toe
Is it true for Women with a middle longer toe than a bigger toe are bold?

A family friend always pointed out how my second toe was longer and hence I’d completely dominate my partner.

But as a woman growing up in such a family, it is only taking so much pride in it even if it made no sense.

This applies to men too. They say if the man’s second toe is longer then he is likely to be dominated by women.

One of my friends in Berkshire told me this and since he was married, was very happy to tell others how he keeps his wife in control! Such crap!

Marriage proposal rejection

That’s interesting because some families believe the superstition for the same thing is that the girl is very lucky and that she’ll be very wealthy.

Though not something to be believed. Rejecting anyone based on superstition is simply not right. A person should be good-hearted that’s it!

The way it’s turned around is by giving the trait these people have but all is just sick mentality.

As hilarious as this is, it’s also just as sad that we allow such pathetically stupid thoughts and beliefs to fester in our heads and we make them the basis for our decisions.

How’d the convo go? “Sorry, we can’t go forward with this because the girl’s second toe is too big”?

However, according to marriage expert, Catherine Wood say that is weird. “Since when did a full-body inspection become a thing for evaluating a potential spouse?

” However, there are more circumstances where a Man would change his mind but not the 2 cases where Men reject a marriage.

” And why are personality, values and shared aspirations, not the only criteria that matter (as that will lead to long-term happiness more than anything else)?

“Not true, but quite the opposite, trust me my better half has the same condition, that’s just lies, nothing like that, the behaviour is directly proportionate to the love shown towards one’s spouse.”

Another friend of mine got rejected because his height was not six feet. Men with 6 feet in height are considered better protectors.

These superstitious beliefs including that toe thingy are majorly followed by women. So it’s not only 2 cases where Men reject marriage but could be more.

Marriage proposal rejection reasons

” I can’t wait for them to find out there are women who hide boldness and domination behind second toes that are shorter than big toes. Absolute witchcraft, ” she added.

” Look at it this way. If not for that silly custom, she may have married into that family. So thank God for ridiculous customs. They help you filter for real men.

” A majority of men get rejected for their heights too as they don’t want their kids to be short as such traits are dominating and bold. It’s a sick world out there.

” My friend got rejected as his salary was less than the girl’s salary. She wanted rich brats. Despite that, he was a good guy from a good family background.”

A man got rejected!! He had an issue with his expression. Men are not supposed to approve or reject women in any marriage setup hooks.

Marriage Counsellor Dr Harriet Scott says, ” Don’t know about the whole toe thing. Indeed, men DO NOT find dominating women attractive.

“It does not stem from insecurity but simply from the fact that we do not find it attractive Modern women think they should be viewed as attractive irrespective of what they offer.

” Not all people are the same. My mother always told me that if you feel that the is kindness and education that should be enough.

” I have been tagged as dominating and bold and a few other choice words but my toes are perfectly proportioned.

However, women can reject men for money so men can very well reject women for their features. It’s a two-way thought. This is the bitter reality of not being a misogynist.

While in some parts of Lisbon, Such ladies with those traits are believed to be more beautiful and decisive, a good trait that every secure man wants.

Then, there must be more than 2 cases where Men reject a marriage.

What do you think?

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