Actor Tyler Kamau Mbaya net worth quickly decreased after Machachari show

Actor Tyler Kamau Mbaya net worth photo

Following the cancellation of the Machachari show on Citizen TV, the actor Tyler Kamau Mbaya’s net worth experienced a precipitous decline. Things started to get more difficult as the prospect of taking care of relatives turned into a nightmare.

After completing high school at Chania boys Tyler Kamau Mbaya well known as Baha had already known his acting talent through the Citizen TV program Machachari.

The Citizen TV Actor Tyler Kamau Mbaya net worth began accumulating when he started acting at Machachari tv show. 

On the other hand, his worth started to increase while the show was going on, but everything went downhill once the Machachari was over.

His net worth started to decline after the show ended. Despite his father and mother died, Tyler had to take care of their grandmother (Guardian) and other kins.

The actor Tyler Kamau Mbaya has a net worth that increases by less than $10,000 each year. His YouTube channel brought in an average of $7,500 per year in revenue in 2018, 2019, and 2020.

Baha’s darkest moment was in 2013 when he lost his mum to cancer. His dad was out of the country. He was then a form one student at Nairobi School. 

Just like Baha, his mum Beth Nyambura Mbaya was a popular actress and was popularly known by her screen name in Mother-in-law, Wanade.

After his mother’s demise, Baha transferred from Nairobi School to Chania Boy’s in Thika so that he would be with his brother who was a student at the same school.

Together with his brother who is also an actor in Junction Juniors, a local production, they made a living out of performance and entertainment and through that they were able to look after their ageing grandmother who is their guardian.

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