Verizon Media review: Best Verizon display advertising for publishers with high CPM

Verizon Media review

Verizon Media ads review that gives an overview of the display advertising network. Verizon Media Review from experienced publishers shows it’s a legit advertising network, not a scam.

Verizon Media, which used to be called Oath, is the media division of Verizon Communications. It combines the services and technology of the companies it owns, like Brightroll, One by AOL, Right Media Exchange, ADTECH, and Yahoo! ad tech.

Verizon Media review on brands

SSP, DSP, a native ad marketplace, and Verizon Media Exchanges, which the vendor touts as the sole direct source for O&O supply from Yahoo, AOL, HuffPost, ESPN, Fox, and eBay, are among the services offered to advertisers and publishers.

Verizon Media currently helps companies like Yahoo, TechCrunch, and others with their content, advertising, and tech needs. Verizon Media keeps people engaged and amused while allowing them to interact and transact.

The firm invents innovative ways for partners worldwide to communicate with one another.

Verizon Media ads Formats

There are three ad formats from Verizon Media. They include; Programmatic ads, displays and video ads, and Native ads.

Programmatic ads

You’re already buying Verizon Media inventory if you advertise using a programmatic DSP (even if inadvertently).

Native ads with high CPM

Advertising that is consistent across all of the properties you know and love. Native Advertising from Verizon Media offers competitive results at scale.

Brands obtain great value thanks to 99 Percent ad viewability, and CTRs up to 11 times higher than display advertising demonstrate the effectiveness of Verizon Media’s Native solution.

Display ads

Ensure that your message has a show-stopping intensity and scope. For product launches and owning significant events, home page takeovers on high-traffic domains like Yahoo! are a great way to go.

Display ads are image-based and Video ads with much inventory from premium partners.

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