Best Mobile Loans Apps, top mobile loans online in Kenya 2022

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Read about Kenya’s finest mobile loans applications. I’ve tried all of these lending applications; some were for testing. Today let us look at Kenya’s money lending applications.

In 2021, Kenya has over 29 million active mobile subscribers, according to the Communications Authority of Kenya. This report was generated in 2020.

More Kenyans possess cell phones with other devices (51.39 million) (Computer, TV, radio, etc.).

Because mobile lending applications are easier to access than banks and MFIs, more Kenyans may enrol.

What’s a mobile loan?

Smartphone mobile loans. When you use your phone to borrow money, you’ve accepted a mobile loan.

Most mobile loans in Kenya are via lending applications, however some lenders have provided loans over USSD.

Which Kenyan loan applications are legit? Discover.
Kenya Loans 2022

Safaricom mobile loans

These loans are available on Safaricom without additional app.

KCB M-Pesa, Fuliza, Mshwari.

Banks’ mobile loans

Banks have introduced mobile lending options for the public or clients. Regulated lenders provide the safest, lowest-interest loans.

Kenyan banks’ mobile loans include:

  • ABSA’s Timiza
  • NCBA Loop–You must save and utilise the app to get a loan.
  • HF Whizz–You must utilise it and complete KYC to qualify.
  • Equity’s EazzyApp
  • KCB Vooma Loan–KCB Bank customers qualify.
  • Family bank’s PesaPap Wallet Loan
  • M-Co-Op Cash

Google Play Application loans

Here are Google Play’s mobile lending applications. Only Kenyan loan apps will be included. Some loaning companies have problematic methods. If you default, they’ll phone your contacts.

Kenya 2022 loan apps include:

We ranked Kenya’s 20 best lending applications. Since then, we’ve solely included Kenya’s top lending applications. Most mobile lending app lenders uninstalled their Google applications.

When you needed immediate cash, your alternatives were banks (which are slow) or relatives and friends.

We’re lucky that you can get a quick loan on your smartphone these days. It takes less than 5 minutes to acquire a loan to your M-Pesa using the finest rapid lending applications in Kenya.

Kenya’s Best and Cheap Mobile Loans Apps 2022

Kenya’s finest lending applications are:

Branch Loan Application

Branch Loan is Kenya’s first mobile loans app. Branch International introduced it to Kenyans in 2015. Branch Loan is Kenya’s second-oldest online mobile lending platform, behind Tala.

Kenya, Tanzania, and Nigeria offer the Branch lending app. The app lends up to KES 70,000. Download Branch from Google Play, join up with Facebook, then check in to see whether you qualify for a loan. If you get a loan, M-Pesa will pay you.

Tala Loans

Mkopo Rahisi became Tala. Tala Lending App is Kenya’s oldest mobile loan app. Tala is Kenya’s most reputable mobile lending company and greatest fast loan app.

They lend up to $30,000 via M-Pesa. They provide loans in less than 5 minutes, and timely repayment will boost your credit.

Tala App is one of Kenya’s most popular money lending applications, with 5 million downloads. Tala loans need a smartphone download and account. If you’re not on CRB, you’ll determine the conditions of your first loan.

Timiza Mobile Loans

Timiza is a mobile money app from Absa group, previously Barclays Bank Kenya. Kenya’s loan app frenzy has driven established financial companies to adapt. Timiza, unlike other bank applications, is accessible to all Kenyans.

The Timiza app offers loans and a bank account for account management.

Timiza App mobile loans:

  • Install Timiza from Google Play.
  • Enter your M-Pesa number.
  • Use the pin to activate your app.
  • Timiza loans are available.

One may borrow up to KES 150,000 with a 30-day Timiza loan.

MCo-op money

This app allows CBK clients to receive emergency loans. It shows account balances and transfers MCo-op Cash to Mpesa, Airtel.

It also lets bank clients buy airtime using MCo-op funds. MCOOP Cash App lets you borrow 1.5 times your net pay, up to 200,000 shillings.

KCB M-Pesa and Mshwari

Safaricom started mobile lending, and KCB and M-Pesa developed a solution. KCB M-Pesa is available to M-Pesa users. You don’t need to download and install it as it’s already on your phone.

Select a loan from KCB Mpesa’s loans and savings menu. Finally. No signup or information are needed.

Once your desired amount is within your loan limit, they’ll transmit it to Mpesa. KCB M-Pesa is one of Kenya’s finest online M-Pesa loans.

I had to include a Safaricom product. M-Pesa is great for all applications. M-Pesa Safaricom provides a mobile loan service called Mshwari, similar as KCB. It saves for a loan. Your limit might be raised based on how you use Mshwari and repay loans.

To qualify for a Mshwari loan, you must be an M-PESA member for six months, save on M-Shwari, and utilise Safaricom phone, data, and M-PESA.

HF Whizz Loan

HF Whizz is more than a loan app; it provides many digital transactions. Paying for things using your HF account, money transfers, saving on the app, purchasing airtime, and loans. How to acquire HF Whizz Loan.


Opera creates Okash to enter the money lending market. The application initially aimed to lend to 100,000 Kenyans. Kenya’s Okash loan app is popular.

Zenka Loan

Zenka is great, and your first loan is free. You pay back what you borrow. Zenka loans range from Ksh 500 to 20,000. After the initial free loan, Zenka charges 11% interest if repaid on time.

According to user testimonials, Zenka’s mobile lending app has no hidden fees.

All loan charges are disclosed during application. They make your loan reasonable.

Zenka App M-Pesa online loan:

  • Download Zenka from Google Play or its website.
  • Register and fill out the loan application.
  • After reviewing your application, they’ll pay the money to your M-Pesa.
  • You may withdraw cash at a nearby M-Pesa agent.
  • Repay your debt to raise your limit.

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