Best AdMaven Review for publishers, demand side platform, CPA, CPM, CPC overview

AdMaven Review for publishers

AdMaven is an ad-tech platform that provides marketers and publishers with advertising and monetization solutions. AdMaven promises to increase CPM and conversion rates for advertisers. It increases total income and maximizes rewards for publishers.

Publishers may monetize their content on AdMaven using a variety of ad types (conventional pop-ups, banners, lightbox advertisements, sliders, interstitial ads, and new tab choices), allowing them to generate a broad ad income mix. AdMaven ad network allows publishers to diversify their revenue streams while lowering their risk.

AdMaven Review for publishers

Is AdMaven Legit or Scam?

AdMaven is a legit ad network and not a scam. AdMaven appears to be a good fit for pop-under ads. It boasts strong CPMs, which are higher than those of other ad networks. While there are a few drawbacks, such as an absence of physical data and customer assistance, AdMaven is generally recommended for online publishers wishing to diversify their sources of funding.

Facts about AdMaven in this Review;

  • The year the company was founded was 2010.
  • CPM, CPC, and CPA are examples of supported models.
  • Paypal, wire transfers, Bitcoin, and Payoneer are all acceptable methods of payment.
  • The minimum payment barrier is $50, but publishers must earn $1000 or more to get a wire transfer.
  • Payment period: Each month’s payment is due 30 days after the end of the month.
  • English is a supported language.
  • Reporting: Hourly statistics are updated.
  • Minimum daily traffic: 2500
  • 25,000+ publishers
  • Ad-website Maven’s address is
  • Number of employees: 70
AdMaven Review for publishers

Key Features of AdMaven Review;

  • The Ad network delivers distinct monetization potential for all sorts of consumers and impressions, on any device, anywhere in the globe. This is accompanied with a high eCPM, which means more money for the publishers.
  • The Ad network offers its marketers a global audience and a global reach. The ad network has developed strong audiences for marketers by effectively working with prominent publications.
  • Committed support: Each publisher is allocated an experienced and dedicated account manager. This keeps publishers on track and allows them to make educated decisions regarding their websites.
  • AdMaven provides a wide range of tools for publishers to employ on their websites, including advertising of various sizes and styles.
  • They have several technologies that allow them to tailor adverts based on user behavior and purpose.
  • CPM Rates: AdMaven has a higher CPM rate. As a result, more money is made. They also have real-time bidding (RTB) technology in-house that links several networks.
  • Native Push Notifications: The Ad network just released a new product called “Native push notifications.” It’s a monetization approach that adheres to Google’s regulations and may be used in conjunction with AdSense. Native Push is a mobile and desktop ad type that is user-friendly, clean, and non-intrusive. It has no negative impact on the user experience and increases conversion rates.
  • Payment: AdMaven accepts PayPal, Bitcoin, Wire Transfers, and Payoneer as payment options. The minimum payment barrier is $50, however to get a wire transfer, publishers must earn $1000 or more.

AdMaven ads formats 

AdMavenThe Ad network is an excellent option for website owners or developers that want to make money from their sites. The ad network provides a variety of ad formats, including:

Pop-under ads

There are two sorts of pop traffic: popups and popunders. A pop-under advertisement is comparable to a pop-up advertisement. The only difference is that it opens in a window underneath the tab rather than on top of it.

A pop-up banner ad is a type of advertisement that displays unexpectedly at the top of a webpage, generally in a clearly defined window. Pop-up banners get their name from the fact that they “pop up” on the page, interrupting the user with an ad or promotional message.

As a user clicks on a Slider Add, it expands to reveal the entire creative when it slides up from the bottom of the screen. Slider ads are always accompanied by a close button.

Advertisements in the form of interstitials

These are full-screen advertisements that take up the entire screen or app. To deliver an excellent user experience, publishers should carefully execute these.

Ads in a lightbox

These ads are made up of cards that feature interactive pictures or videos and are prepared in standard Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) sizes.

AdMaven Review for publishers

What exactly is AdMaven?

The Ad network provides advertisers with high-quality visitors to help them enhance their ROI, and publishers with high-performing advertisements to help them monetize their ad spots.

What are the traffic requirements for AdMaven publishers?

The minimum daily traffic requirement for Ad Maven is 2500. Because AdMaven only accepts or rejects websites based on daily traffic, the approval process is completely automated.

What does AdMaven offer in terms of traffic earnings? Payment Options

AdMaven accepts a variety of payment options, including PayPal, Bitcoin, wire transfers, and Payoneer. The threshold payment requirement is $50, but publishers must earn $1000 or more to get a wire transfer.

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